Ezine articles!

My latest article went live December 12. The article is 6 Tips for Beginning Authors. To read the article, go to the Ezine link.

My third article was accepted and went live on November 26. The article title is Mumble Or Stumble, But Don’t Fumble. To read the article, go to the Ezine link.

Another of my articles was published! I just received notice of another article accepted by ezinearticles.com. This article is about the writer’s muse. Where does inspiration come from? Follow the link! Ezine

One of my articles was recently published on Ezine. Title “Passion! It is what motivates writers.” just hit the Ezine site today. Go to http://my.ezinearticles.com/ and read it!


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Author, writer and photographer. A 30 year business veteran, JR is now devoted full-time to writing. His core values revolve around scripture and how experience has impacted his understanding about God's Word. His experience as a business leader has impacted how he writes and his views of our modern world. As a four year military veteran, this has also impacted his experience. In addition to his business experience, he has also been a teacher and church leader for over thirty years. He has also been an experienced author and writer for sixteen years. Personal experiences that have had a positive impact form part of the basis for his understanding of Scripture. His goal is to help others understand the positive values that Scripture adds to our lives.
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    In genesis 1:1, is there a time interval between verse 1 and 2? The theory that says there is an interval between verse 1 and 2 is called the Gap theory. What would be the name of the theory that says there is no time interval?

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