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03/26/18 Post:

Where you spend eternity may well depend on how you answer this question: Am I walking in God’s Truth? If you do not have an answer for that question, you are in serious trouble! Why? Because you are probably reading, listening, or learning about truth that has very little foundation in eternal reliability.

Ryrie’s second sentence under “Meaning” above states: “To say that God is true is to say, in the most comprehensive sense that He is consistent with Himself, that He is all that He should be, that He has revealed Himself as He really is, and that He and His revelation are completely reliable.” That means your only basis for eternal truth is the Bible and God’s revelation through it. What you hear, read, and see as a product of Man’s thinking is flawed in some way. What do you use to filter out the lies and find truth?

Good luck if you are not filtering all that you take in though God’s Word and what He says will last for eternity. Truth is found by reading scripture and comparing it with the garbage that is spewed out by mankind’s propaganda mills. Most media is slanted to what the originator or his authority structure demands the author(s) to put in print. Most of our world today is in chaos because the information sources have an agenda that does not include GOD’S TRUTH. It is to make money and increase the power of a particular media source which is putting out the information. The foregoing is truth that is hard to swallow, but the Bible warns of this coming at the end of the age. Where you spend eternity may will depend upon the source of truth that your life is focused upon. Are you gambling on your eternity?

03/27/18 Post:

Do you believe the Bible is complete and without error? Ryrie’s last sentence says: “…the Bible, which is His Word, must also be inerrantly true.” Remember one fact: man is imperfect and God is perfect. For any pastor, teacher, or theologian to say that the Word of God is flawed comes from unsound human reason. Imperfect beings cannot know the true meaning of perfection about the Bible because their knowledge base is incomplete. God knows all things. He knows the beginning of our universe and He knows when our universe will end. He knows all truth and He cannot make a statement that violates His own Word. He cannot be inconsistent with His own character and being. Any human other than Jesus is prone to error. God is not. You can stake your eternal destiny on the truth in scripture not the inconsistent musing of error prone humans.

03/28/18 Post:

It is common today for our systems of higher education to change the meanings of words and how they are used. They base this solely upon the wisdom of man which is inconsistent and dependent upon what those in power want it to mean. Truth has been changed to mean whatever works for you and how you define and use it. This is a total perversion of what truth means. They do not want truth to be that which has lasting, eternal value. To most of them there is no such thing as “eternity.” But when they die, they will come face to face with eternal truth.

Ryrie under his ramifications comments starts with “because God is true, He can do nothing inconsistent with Himself. His promises can never be broken or unfulfilled.” (He references 2 Timothy 2:13)  As believers, we are told by John (16:13) this “Howbeit when he the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show (shew KJV) you things to come.” We must remember that the world is untruthful and inconsistent because they believe (and act) upon what to them is convenient and accomplishes their agenda and end result. The spirit of the world is that of evil and mistrust. As believers, our only foundation for truth and trust is God’s Word. If you do not fully trust the Bible and trust in what the world says, you are in trouble. After nearly eight decades on this earth, I know what truth is. It is not man’s truth. It is what God says is truth! He has proven Himself to me to be the only source of truth.

03/29/18 Post:

This is a quote from SpiritQuest: Our War with Choices: “Do we, in man’s community (world), wonder why there is so much disharmony, warfare, and hate in our modern state? In man’s natural state, he is prone to err as a process of learning, and, Satan’s community of misguided and demented ministering spirits aggravates our condition. It is no wonder then that Jesus in his teaching continues to stress that we live as He directs and leads through the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. We, therefore, must submit any thought, concept, action, or relationship to careful examination and adherence to God’s established and created order.” (page 60)

Without a sound foundation for truth, we will have doubts and attacks from the evil community and untrustworthy people around us. Know what truth is and why you can depend on it. If you cannot find this foundation, you will always be in trouble.

03/30/18 Post:

As believers, many of us are familiar with 2 Tim 2: 15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that need (needeth KJV) not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” What does it mean to rightly divide the word of truth? Simply, it means that one can read or hear something, then compare it with God’s Word and know whether it is true or not. This can sound simple enough but is it?

A quote from SpiritQuest 2 may shed some light on this. “Once the majority of the human community accepts scientific evidence as fact (whether it is based upon truth or flawed assumptions) it will normally fall into the class as being true. Even if it is false or flawed, it is accepted as truth by the majority and will only be changed by cataclysmic events that prove otherwise.” (SpiritQuest 2, page 93) We are human beings. Many times we are sub-consciously affected by what the majority thinks is true. It is sometimes difficult to go against majority thinking even when we know it is wrong. This is where rightly dividing the word of truth is important. If God says it is true, it does not matter what the majority thinks. We must trust what God says. When you study God’s Word, knowing what is true is much easier. Remember, God is the final authority!

03/31/18 Post:

In Jesus’ teaching of his apostles, he stressed the truth of His Father’s word. Not only did Jesus teach God’s truth, but also each of his apostles including Paul the apostle to the gentiles. In Paul’s own words, he said “for we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.” (2 Corinthians 13:8) Paul was very adamant that he as the apostle of Jesus Christ, had to walk “according to the faith of God’s elect, and the acknowledging of the truth  which is after godliness; in hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began;…” (Titus 1:1, 2)

Truth is important! Jesus taught it, his apostles taught it and the Bible stresses that we as human beings must be taught truth and live in truth. The Law (Ten Commandments) that God gave the Israelites stressed truth. The prophets were all voices that proclaimed God’s truth. Again, we stress that truth is important.

Perhaps we should look at another quote from SpiritQuest 2. “Truth in its purest form is not a consensus opinion. Truth in its purest form is absolute, unchanging and void of human opinion.” (SpiritQuest 2, page 115) Many in our world today consider “truth” to be what society thinks or what intellectual leaders proffer as truth. Man-made truth will never stand the test of what will last for eternity. “Truth” that is said to be right one day, but not the next is not truth. It is the telling evidence of man’s opinion which seldom if ever lasts for any length of time. Even our sciences are stressing “truths” that are nothing more than educated guesses to under-gird false theories that have no basis in fact. Be sure that you test “truth” by that which will stand for eternity. Do not get sucked into that which is only man’s consensus opinion which fades depending on which way the wind blows!


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