SQ2 Reviewers

Biographies of Reviewers 

Dr. Bill Williams, former president of Grand Canyon University. A professor of mathematics, he is the first president of the University to come out of the academic ranks, rather than the pastorate. He also served as chairman of the department of math and natural sciences. He holds a doctorate in mathematics and a doctorate in natural sciences. He reviewed and approved SpiritQuest: Our War With Choices and SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation. 

Dr. Tim Olp, (D. Min), is a former pastor of a large inter-denominational church in the Northwest. He is present pastor of ChurchUSA in Glendale, Arizona. At an early age, he went into full-time evangelism before he became an associate pastor and on into full-time church ministry. Dr. Olp is well-known for his teaching, preaching and leadership development skills. His church was the sending church for us to go to Africa.  

Dr. Elaine Stith, (D. Ed.) She is Associate Superintendent of Student & Instructional Services at Metro Technology Center in Oklahoma City.  Dr. Stith has served in several educational institutions in Oklahoma . She has earned numerous awards for achievements in education. 

Dr. Bob Searl, (D. Min) He is presently Pastor of North Stuart Baptist Church in Stuart, Fl and for fifteen years was pastor of University Baptist Church in Shawnee, OK. Dr. Searl is a Wisconsin native who has served churches in Oklahoma, Missouri and Wisconsin.. He is also a prolific writer. 

Dr. Warren McWilliams, (D. Theo.) He is Professor of Theology at OBU and teaches introductory Bible courses, Biblical Ethics, and theology courses. He has published many books including “Free in Christ: The New Testament understanding of Freedom” and “Dear Chris: Letters on the Life of Faith.” In 1986, Dr. McWilliams received OBU’s Distinguished Teacher Award. He offered many insights and suggestions for SQ2. 

Mr. Thomas Muir, President of Villa Precision International. Mr. Muir is not only an experienced businessman but he also is a student of Scripture. He is a deacon and teacher in his church. Mr. Muir has spent many hours of conversation about the details of SQ2.  

Pastor Larry Sparks, Senior pastor at New Beginnings Church in Shawnee, OK. He is also head Chaplain at Unity Health Center. He directs the chaplain services at Unity to provide patients and their families with partners for prayer and peace. He has spent many years in church planting and ministry. 

Glenda Kuhn is a former editor of McCloud Daily News and President of McCloud Historical Society. She is also director of Grace Missionary Society which is based in McCloud. She is an avid student of the Bible and serves in missions around the world. 

Charles Reed, (MS Degree) He is proficient in languages. As a missionary and Linguist of African dialects, he has spent more than three decades in the field. Several of the basic concepts for the SQ2 manuscripts came out of our discussions when we served together in Africa. 

Ron McElfresh, (MS Degree), He is a former pastor and evangelist of the Nazarene Mission Board. Our debates on scripture and theology helped form and polish the SQ2 manuscript.

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