Chapter 7

RE: Statement in Chapter 7, page 60 of SQ2. Chapter title: Words, Sounds and “The Word”

Believe negative things and you will see the result of those negative beliefs. Believe positive things and you will see the result of those positive beliefs. God has left his creative imprint on all things we see in this universe…. Man stepped out of God’s Will by his disobedience in the Garden of Eden.  

Dear Tom,

After last week’s letter, I shudder to think what might come out of this one. However, I will take the positive approach and press on. To think positive is not a new approach. Entire ministries and careers have been built upon the power of positive thinking. Let us proceed upon a road less traveled and see if new vistas are ahead.

The flip side to positive thinking is negative thinking. I believe someone years ago called this “thesis and antithesis.” However, there is a direction in that last phrase that somehow gets overlooked. The disposition of these words is to be in opposite polarity. Think of a magnet. One end is positive polarity and the other end is negative polarity. By their nature, their polarity, they are going in opposite directions. As my friend Jay says, “They ain’t compatible, dude.” Again, another part of their nature (i.e. positive to positive or negative to negative) is to repel each other and that is what makes them what they are. The spiritual application here now becomes a reverse application and not according to natural law. While opposite ends of a magnet attract, spiritually it becomes distorted. Spiritual opposites will repel, not attract because God’s Law of Disintegration now comes into play.

Hence, if you believe negative things, the nature of that belief in negative things is to repel the positive. So if what you believe is predominately negative, that is the nature of your belief system. Thinking positive, believing positive or being open to positive results is in opposition to the spiritual inclination of your negative beliefs. Like electricity, our actions tend to go in the direction of least resistance and thus our natural inclination would be to repel the positive. Likewise the converse is also true with the nature of positive beliefs as they tend to repel the negative.

When Adam and Eve sinned, their contempt for God’s instruction put them into a negative spiritual nature. Hence they have passed that negative nature on to all of those who have been born since their disobedience in the Garden of Eden. That negative nature we humans have passed on generation after generation has taken mankind to the depths of negative thinking.

Because of that now distorted nature it becomes more difficult to see the positiveness that God offers to us. This distortion in our nature now inclines mankind to repel the positive. Because of this dominate nature, with which humans are born, changing it to positive becomes almost impossible. It becomes a “God Thing” because God has to help us reverse our “polarity” so that we do not repel the positive. Simply, God has to change our nature. It is this miracle that occurs when a person becomes a believer in Jesus. We are simply not prone to reverse our “spiritual polarity” without divine intervention. It is that reversed polarity that becomes the Divine Imprint in the lives of those who believe in Jesus. It is that new status of changed polarity to the positive that makes a difference in life and puts us on the road to the power of positive thinking!

Powerfully positive in the name of Jesus, JR         Ltr7.ch7.080311

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