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This web site is dedicated to non-fiction books. 2Write is the mechanics of writing and some of the howI will be adding post every week about audience, genres and many other subjects.

Check my profile on FaceBook or LinkedIn & look for Herman McElfresh. On FB look for my WoW words. Find them posted daily with a weekly summary on JR’s Writers Wall.

The WoW words on FaceBook are different for each week. We take a word and get to know all we can about it. On Monday, we review it, on Tuesday, we define it, on Wednesday, we look see how it works, on Thursday, we look at how it impacts our results and on Friday, we look at the word’s influence on our relationships.

The Why 

I am doing this because for more than ten years as a non-fiction writer, author of two books and 400 plus articles my experiences need to be shared with upcoming, aspiring authors. It is the wise writer that learns from the mistakes of his peers and succeeds. My job is to help guide you to success as a writer without spending thousands of dollars. Over the past ten years, I have spent more than fifty thousand dollars to learn writing, promotion and the changing scene of the publishing industry. Do not do that.

My Books (see books page)

SpiritQuest: Our War With Choices published in June of 2004 

SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation published in October of 2012

This website is intended to be a tool for writers. The focus of discussions and articles will be non-fiction but many will apply to fiction as well. This website is intended to be a work in progress and as such we welcome suggestions of additional content and areas of need. Feel free to email with new ideas on what content needs to be.

Some History about the SQBooks website. SQBooks began in 2004. It started as a ministry newsletter. It evolved. It became a news site and a commentary. In 2008, the site was hacked, butchered and destroyed. The SQBooks name was dormant for three years. Click link to see detailed history. Click link to see book trailer video.

About JR McElfresh:

Quick Bio:       In Africa Story:

JR McElfresh has been a teacher and a church leader for over thirty years and he is also an author, writer and photographer. A 30 year business veteran, JR is now devoting full-time to writing and teaching. His core values revolve around scripture and how experience has impacted his understanding of God’s Word. His experience as a business leader has impacted how he writes and his views of our modern world. As a four year military veteran, this has also impacted his experience. 

When we were younger

Geographic Info:

He and wife Marilee moved back to Phoenix, Arizona in late June, 2012. They are now residents of the Phoenix area and have returned to the area to work and teach.


Attended Dallas County Jr College, Associates Degree in Philosophy

Attended Baylor University, Jr year, no degree, but has over the past 40 years had the opportunity to attend more than 50 seminars and short courses in the field of distribution, business, electronics and religious subjects. Still today, he is an avid student as well as teacher.

Book Reviewers

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