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“The latest tax cuts may unbalance the budget.” Welfare spending programs are excessive and need to be reduced to balance the budget. Liberals think that funding sources for welfare spending are endless. The laws of physics tell us this may cause an unbalance in how funds are spent. The national debt is now so huge that it would take three generations of heavy taxing to balance the budget. That is unthinkable. Our huge national debt will be the source of our undoing as a nation. Tax cuts are not the only thing that causes the budget to be unbalanced!


“Liberal radicals are rife with contradictions that unbalance us.” Truth cannot contradict itself. Contradictions mean that someone is lying and that is why we are in an unbalanced condition. Unbalance is used as both a noun and a verb. The verb form means one of two things: (a) “to put out of balance,” or (b) “to cause (something or someone) to stop being balanced, steady, or stable.” Unbalance used as a noun means “lack of balance” or imbalance. The first known use of ‘unbalance’ was in 1854. Madden, craze, and unhinge are some ‘unbalance’ synonyms. Radical use of contradictions will tend to keep us in a state of unbalance!


“Unbalance is a fierce opponent to the truth; it changes the truth in the way of interpreting information.” If media information is accepted without being checked for facts, false information will never be revealed. We have entered an era where truth in news is not the most important criteria. False propaganda to sway public opinion is more important than truth. The moral values of today’s news media are nearly non-existent. The use of distorted information to accomplish the goal of controlling the masses is the objective of liberal media. Truth inhibits their ability to control a gullible public for they want their liberal agenda to succeed even if it means disaster. Unbalance truth in information and truth will be distorted!


“There is an unbalance when news distortions are accepted without being verified as factual.” Simply, lies must be proven as false for us to have reliable news sources. For the public to have faith in the media, it must prove its reliability at presenting factual data. To not do this injects distortion in what is presented as “reliable news.” Caveat emptor, let the buyer (hearer, reader) beware. Decisions made based upon perverted news cannot be good decisions. Bad decisions lead to failure for the individual and our country’s leadership. Help eliminate the unbalance with news distortions by verifying news stories with facts!


“Unbalance is a negative factor in a relationship.” When areas exist in a relationship that put it out of balance, it will cause irritation and dissension. They need to be dealt with quickly. If no agreement can be reached, it can disrupt or destroy the relationship. If issues are such that no agreement can be reached, one of two things will happen: a) agree to disagree and live with it or b) end the relationship. Unbalance can be a destructive factor in a relationship!

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“Time and the timeless One negate the thoughts of men.” Many of our liberal friends would deny the validity of this quote. But consider this: can you deny that which you cannot disprove? You may not believe it, but if you cannot disprove it, can you really say it does not exist? Since the timeless One can impact that which is in time, it would be hard to say He does not exist. To say He does not exist would mean that you are outside of time yourself. Humans exist in time, not in timelessness. Since no human can know the totality of timelessness, how can he prove or disprove what is timeless? Short answer: he cannot. Give some credibility to the idea that the timeless One can know and negate your thoughts!


“Alcohol can negate the effects of some medicines.” To negate the effect of a medicine is most unwise. As a transitive verb, we see negate as meaning “to cause to be ineffective or invalid.” This is the definition that applies to our example sentence. Another way that negate is used as a verb is “to deny the existence or truth of.” Though more rare, negate can be used as a noun. It is interesting to note that the first known use of negate was about 1623. As a Latin derivative, it was probably used much earlier although not in its present form. Medicines are for healing, but using them with alcohol can negate their positive effects!


“The fact that he lied about his work experience negated the contract.” When something is negated, it can have serious consequences. Such things as contracts can be voided because of false information. If you want something legal to remain valid, then you must make sure that the information in it is true. False information is a symptom of today’s media sources and it undermines the validity of what they present as “truth.”  One false fact can negate the value of what they present as true. They consistently use misinformation to sway public opinion to their agenda. Do not lie about information you give to a news source or it may negate your believability!


“Exceptions to a rule do not negate its logic, but offers the possibility of an alternative.” Exceptions then can have an impact on a rule whether it is in sports, a law, or social conduct. For a rule to be negated means that it must be proven to be illogical. The impact or outcome of a rule must be logical and part of a natural chain of events. If a rule consistently has a negative end result that is not intended, then it must be illogical. It must then be revised and rewritten to provide the intended end result. Exceptions can then be made which do not negate its logic, but add other specific results!


“His spouse negated and denied her own honest reactions.” To deny is a negative response and could be detrimental to a good relationship. Honest reactions presented correctly can help overcome rough spots in your relationship. Sometimes subconscious responses that are reactive can be most detrimental to your most intimate interactions. Try to overcome the need for reactive responses that have not been carefully considered. Good relationships will thrive on honest and open interactions. Don’t negate and deny your own honest reactions!

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“The conservative election gain appears to be offset by the liberal resistive force.” In a Republican form of government, (the founder’s intent was not a Democracy), the vote of the people is what rules not rabble-rousing by losers. The liberal resistive force has no power except it be promoted by the mainstream media. The media today is not just reporting news but actively creating and empowering resistance to our founding fathers intent to create a Republican form of government. The media intends to erase the founding fathers intentions. They prefer mass riots rather than order and sensible rule of law. Our recent conservative election gains appear to be offset by collusion of the media and a liberal resistive force!


“The clown was a humorous offset in the play.” This is a dual purpose clown. He makes people laugh and he is an offset or counterforce in what the play is trying to convey. The use and definition of offset is varied depending upon how it is used. It is used both as a noun and a verb. One noun meaning is “an abrupt change in the dimension or profile of an object.” One verb use is “to place over against something or to balance as in an accounting transaction.” The clown in the example sentence was probably included to offset the serious tone or nature of the play. When you clown around, be sure you are serious about it!


“Every good thing has a drawback to offset it.” If doing ‘good’ has an offset, it must be a negative result. This general statement “seems” to be a good thought, but is it? This kind of thinking encourages a ‘don’t do’ attitude which is unproductive. We need to do good things to offset the evil and senseless acts of selfish people. To promote senseless acts and adverse motives is to increase misery and depression which puts things into an endless downward spiral which produces destruction. We need to do good things to offset negative acts of senseless, selfish people!


“Keith had symptoms that were striking for their abrupt onset and their equally abrupt offset.” My friend Keith was recently admitted to the hospital for chest pain. He had, thought, just minor occasional chest pain. While visiting his friend who was in that hospital, he suddenly had severe chest pain. He was admitted and they did surgery to put in four stints. His chest pains are now gone. Truly he experienced an abrupt onset of a heart problem, but with swift corrective surgery his heart pain has been offset!


“In accounting credits offset debits, so too in relationships positive acts can offset negative ones.” There is no such thing as a relationship totally free of unpleasantness. There will be some act that will cause a slight, neglect, or snub in one party’s mind. Usually talking things through will highlight problem areas and resolution can be made. If however, resolution cannot be reached, then a serious offset will be needed so balance can be restored. If no resolution, then a lack of proper balance will cause harm and eventual disintegration. Let’s be sure that your relationship(s) have the right offsetting credits and debits. Be positive in your approach and reach a balance!

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“God is sovereign, majestic and supreme.” What other words do you use to describe who God is and what He is like? Holy, omnipotent, righteous, and the source of truth are some other descriptive words we might use. God is spirit and is not limited by time and space in the way we are, but He says that believers will be like him when they get to heaven. Our finite minds cannot begin to comprehend or relate to what that might be like now, but there will come a time when we will. We will be in the presence of the sovereign, majestic, and supreme God! Merry Christmas!


“In the Western U.S., we have the majestic Rocky Mountains.” This mountain chain in the Western U.S. has some of the highest peaks in North America. Many of them are impressively beautiful with their snow covered peaks. Majestic is an adjective that describes a noun. Its definition “having or exhibiting majesty or stateliness” was first used about 1606. Several synonyms help to give deeper meaning like courtly, stately, or elegant. Many of God’s creations are awe-inspiring, like the Rockies, The Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls. As citizens, we should be proud of the Rocky Mountains and their majestic peaks!


“The voice of the Lord is powerful and majestic.” Consider carefully how God spoke and our universe and world were created. That is power beyond our ability to understand, yet unbelieving human beings will concoct cleverly devised fables (they call them theories) about how our universe was formed. Their minds refuse to believe in an all powerful God so they devise “rational” ideas about the beginning of things. Their concoctions require more “faith” than believing in an all powerful creator. They refuse to bend to the authority of an all-wise and all-powerful creator. Their rebellion will one day bring them to an end that they do not want. In death they will hear the majestic voice of the Lord of judgment!


“A majestic vacation sight is Niagara Falls and it has enthralled travelers for many decades.” Around the world, God has created many natural wonders like Niagara. Some are rivers, some are falls, and some are high mountains like the Himalayas. Both the North and South poles also have natural wonders. We are also awed by the Sun, Moon, and the myriad of stars that flood our night skies. It is folly for man to think that all of creation was by chance when logic tells you it was done by an intelligent designer. Human foolishness cannot comprehend a Majestic Being that creates natural wonders like Niagara Falls, the Amazon, and the Grand Canyon!


The best relationship we can have on earth is nothing compared to an eternal, majestic relationship with our Lord Jesus. Many people today do not believe in the Bible or what it says. How sad! The pride of man has become so strong that submission to God or His Son Jesus is unthinkable. Time, this universe, and mankind’s best will end. The Bible says that God and Jesus will never cease to be. Since the Bible is true, then those who do not believe are in serious trouble. Their end will be eternal torment. To those of us who believe, our end will never come because we will spend eternity with the majestic King of Creation! Choose you this day who you will serve!

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