His Work Part 5

The Person of the Holy Spirit and His Work (Part 5)

Another facet of the Holy Spirit and His work is that of drawing those who are unsaved and do not know about God’s salvation and His Son, Jesus Christ. It is by the foolishness of preaching that the unsaved can or will hear about God’s Plan. His plan is that because He loves His human creation, He wants everyone to hear and know about how to get to heaven. (John 3:14-18) The Holy Spirit is the agent that God sends to the unsaved to help them see their need. (John 16:7-11) The work of the Holy Spirit is to draw men and women to him, convict them of their sinful condition, and help them to understand that Christ died for them so they could have eternal life.

Many of the unsaved do not understand that there is more to life than just physical daily life and needs. It is by the Holy Spirit that the unsaved can be born spiritually and by that rebirth, they can have eternal life in heaven. Physical birth and physical death is to be born once and die twice. The second death is that of their spirit at judgment when they are sent to eternal damnation. However, to have a physical birth and a spiritual birth means that you only die once, a physical death of the earthly body and your spirit lives eternally with God in heaven. As believers, we are to work with the Holy Spirit to help draw the unsaved to hear the Good News. Evangelism is one of the most important reasons why God leaves us here on this earth.

Give some thought to this: are you doing your part to help the Holy Spirit in His work? If not, then spend some time in prayer and see what you can do to help Him. Talk to your neighbors, those you work with, and those you meet as you shop, go out to eat, or see a movie. You may be the one that helps them see that they have a need to know where they will spend eternity. Remember, the Holy Spirit will help guide you in what to say or do. Make the effort.

Holy Spirit