Chapter 4

RE: Statement in Chapter 4, page 35 of SQ2.

 Dear Tom,

In my last Friday’s email, we talked about a “tongue in cheek” look at the subject of Chapter 3. Today, we are going to tackle something with a little more meat.

 The Big Bang (BB) theorists all refer to this illusory “singularity” that was not and then was. I think that Ryrie puts it most succinctly in his book “Basic Theology.” On page 29 he states, “To say that the cosmos came from nothing means it was self-created. This is a logical contradiction,  because for something to be self-created it must exist and not exist at the same time in the same way. Further more, self-creation has never been scientifically demonstrated and observed.”  

In this chapter 4, which is titled, “Before the First Quark What” I address some of the issues. Most basic to their theory is this “singularity,” yet they have no answer for how it was formed, where it came from or why it came into existence. All that they will confirm is that it was formed some 13.7 billion years ago and that our universe is inside it. How can all of these highly educated and intellecual “elites” propose something that is so illogical? 

For one, they have scientific proof that it formed, when, where and how, but still refuse to make a very logical conclusion. Someone, somewhere outside of our cosmos has power to do things that we cannot prove with mankind’s scientific method. This is what blows my mind. The scientific community has all kinds of evidence that points to a very logical conclusion. However, their unregenerate spirit finds the idea of God creating something that they cannot explain offensive and repulsive. Because they will not accept the idea of a “higher” power, they then concoct all kinds of illogical alternative theories to explain creation. Then they go to great lengths to hammer these illogical alternative theories into some kind of “logical” explanation. 

In SpiritQuest 2: Creation an Interface, I set forth in logical terms using as much scientific evidence as I can. I try to show how God works with His spiritual energy to produce the physical matter and scientific laws that science insists is the beginning of their “singularity.” However, this brings up questions for which they have no answer. Because to them, man is the originator of all knowledge, they cannot accept the obvious answer. To do so would mean that God is supreme ― not them. Like prideful foolish children, they refuse to let go of the “cookie in the cookie jar” because to do so would mean their pride is underpinned with the dangerous quicksand of destructive thinking. They refuse to recognize that mankind’s thinking is flawed. They would rather go down in flames than to admit that Our God, El Elyon is truly the focal point of all existence. 

My friend, please remember that God is on our side and He will vindicate himself! Please forgive my running away at the mouth in this letter, but I cannot help myself when I see how much evidence there is for God’s creative activities and today’s intellectuals refuse to recognize it. When I see mankind’s rebellious spirit, it does distress me. “Nuff said, as always, my next email will address another of your questions about a concept in chapter five.   

In God’s love and grace, JR       Ltr4.ch4.071511  

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