Leader Qualities

Types of Leader Qualities

We have seen the types of secular leadership. Later we will look at biblical types of leadership. Some types of biblical leaders do not make logical sense, but God has his reasons. Secular leader qualities and biblical leader qualities vary but are similar in many ways. For now we will examine the qualities of a good secular leader.

In the secular realm what is considered necessary qualities of a good leader? We will find the following in this list: honesty, integrity, ability to inspire, passion linked with commitment, good communication skills, ability to make decisions, accountability, delegation skills, plus creativity and innovative thinking. This is a long list but a necessary one. Many leaders will not fulfill all of these areas, but can with ingenuity overcome any deficiency by picking skilled people to fill in the gaps.

A quality leader will know his weak areas and will include competent people who he can rely on to cover areas where he lacks skill. A leader who cannot admit he has weakness can be detrimental to any organization. His failure to know his weaknesses opens the door to being trapped by making faulty decisions. This opens the door for morale problems and invites distrust.

Knowing what makes a good leader makes picking one easier. Sometimes a good leader will see an opportunity and make himself available. A focus on what leader qualities are highest priority can also make the job of picking a leader easier. We will see details of these leader qualities In the next few posts.

Leadership trait: Honesty & Integrity

Leadership trait:Good Communicator

Leadership trait:Decision Maker

Leadership trait:Accountability

Leadership trait:Delegation

Leadership trait:Commitment & Compassion

Leadership trait:Inspiration

Leadership trait:Create & Encourage

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