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Here are some of the typical questions that might arise for someone who reads a review of SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation. For more questions and answers please visit

  • Why did you write this book?

I had to. When we left Malawi, Africain the fall of 2008, I was recovering from a bout of severe dysentery. I was reminded by the Holy Spirit, that I had been given a subject in June of 2004 after the first SpiritQuest book was published. The subject was the spiritual meaning of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the formula E=MC2. The dysentery experience reminded me that obedience to what the Lord wanted was more important that what I wanted. After returning to theU.S. in February of 2009, I began to gather information, stories and scriptures that pertained to Creation, quantum mechanics and present scientific theories on how our universe began. After three and a half years, SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation is the result.

  • What surprised you the most as you researched or wrote it?

As I researched and wrote the manuscript, I was surprised at how important it is that we use creative and positive words in our communication. My impression is that negative words release negative energy and likewise, positive words release positive energy. For all humans, success is very dependent upon the use of positive words that release positive energy.  Otherwise, negative words and energy bring failure and defeat.

  • What do you think will surprise readers the most?

How the miracles of Jesus prove that He is the Creator. It is through the power of the words that He used that miraculous events took place. Those events display his power over the physical universe to the point that physical objects obeyed his commands. Jesus taught his disciples and us that through faith in him, we have power to do miracles. To do this we must use creative words and positive thinking.

  • What’s the most important lesson or message readers will get from it?

We must learn how to think, act, react and do things through our communication that reinforce creative, positive actions that use word energy to produce movement and motivate others to act.

  • Did writing this book change your life in any way?

Yes! I have become very aware that I must think positive, act positive, create positive actions that will help others to see the benefit in use of creative words to communicate. In doing so, I can set the example for how creative, positive words help to motivate others to act and live in a positive manner.

  • What do you hope will come from others reading it?

That they will benefit from understanding that God’s creative act sets the pattern that he wants the human race to follow. In doing this we can overcome any adversity or difficulty that we face. Our use of creative words and positive actions will enable readers to have a positive lifestyle that will increase their ability to cope with life’s difficulties.

  • What are you working on now?

I am working on a sequel to SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation. It will deal with foundation issues of faith, why they are necessary and how we can tune in to a greater faith in how we live daily. The present manuscript title is SpiritQuest 3: Blueprint.

  • Why do you use the pen name “JR McElfresh?”

JR is a family nickname. My “official” birth certificate has JR in it, but it is not a part of my legal name. My father’s legal name was Herman Cephas McElfresh. My grandfather’s name was Owen Jay Bailey. My legal name is a combination of both my father and grandfather’s names. To distinguish me from both of them, the family called me “JR” not because I was legally a junior but to reduce confusion when a  name was called by the family. By whatever name I am called, I still answer. As an author and writer, I chose this family nickname as my “pen” name.

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