Leadership Traits: Summary


Secular leadership has its good and bad points. Over the past ten posts, we have seen what the ever day world looks for in its leaders. Not all leader candidates will excel in every character trait that was mentioned, but the good candidate will have many of the desired traits. But how do we answer this question: what does God look for in a good leader?

The posts that will follow will attempt to answer this question. Does scripture give us definitive answers as to what God looks for in a leader? The answer depends upon whether you are looking at the Old Testament (O.T.) or the New (N.T.). God used different parameters for O. T. leaders that he does for the N.T.

We will then examine the traits of O.T. leaders and then move on to N.T. leaders. After we view some examples from both the O.T. and the N.T., we will then set down some principles that God uses to pick his leaders. These principles will in some areas be similar to worldly standards but in other areas will differ greatly. The end result will be that believers will be able to have a guide as to how a scriptural leader is chosen and what not to use for choosing a godly leader. Stay with us and you will see the difference.

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