6. Sin Introduction

Sin is a problem. In this Baptist doctrine, we will cover the “why” of sin. In truth, the whole of God’s Word is identifying sin, why it is sin, and what is the solution for sin. One might say that much of the focal point of the Bible is to know what sin is, why it is the center of God’s redemptive plan, and how God has determined what is necessary to eradicate sin. As we progress through this doctrine, keep this thought in mind. Sin is a moral problem because it is disobedience to God’s perfect word.

As we progress through this doctrine, we will try to define what sin is, what is the consequence associated with sin, and how we as fallen man can become free of sin. We will also review what scripture gives us about the origin of sin. We will see key concepts on how to deal with sin and man’s fallen nature. From the New Testament, we will see the teaching of Jesus and how He was an integral part of the sin solution.

As believers, we need to be fully aware of how sin can cripple and enslave us if we are disobedient to what God’s Word gives us for instructions. Believers have a unique position that unbelievers do not face nor do they have an awareness of the consequence of their unbelief. This doctrine must be studied by believers to have a ready awareness of the pitfalls that can bring about sin.

This section will not answer every question about the subject of sin, but will point out major reasons sin is such a problem. Because of the length of the segments in this section, it will be divided into parts.

Segment One  Sin-What is it

Segment Two Sin-What Are the Signs

Segment Three  Man’s Sinful Nature

Segment Four  Sin – Appendix