SALVATION: Introduction

Salvation is a sin solution. In this Baptist doctrine, we will cover the “need” for salvation. Along with salvation, we will cover the “why” of repentance and its meaning for those who become believers. We will also try to answer the questions of works and whether it is necessary as a part of salvation and if not, then what is its purpose.

Does a believer have both a position and practice? If so, then how are believers to understand the difference and what they both mean? Do position and practice require of believers a certain standard or set of actions? We will examine these subjects as well as the concept of “saving faith.” This subject “salvation” requires that we examine many scriptures and the teachings of both Jesus and His disciples. This examination will also require us to look at and understand what Biblical Salvation is and why sinful, carnal man cannot afford to live without it.

The consequences of refusing salvation or misunderstanding it could well mean the difference between living eternally in bliss or agony. Simply, salvation requires a choice. Every human being must understand the eternal consequences of that choice. Failure to understand will mean living in eternal agony. Know your choice and why you must make it.

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