SQBooks Purpose

About SQ Books is some info on the purpose of the website, the author, and some history behind the website, where it has been, how long it has been around, etc.

This web site will focus on Baptist Doctrine and non-fiction books.

How do we get books published and what goes into the way they are written.

The 2Write tab covers writing subjects and major topics. How to write book reviews are  covered there and we also can do book reviews for non-fiction books. Books page is intended to promote books, booklets and articles that are written for SQ Books or used in what the author writes.  The day may come when books and writing them is lost. Technology is stunting our ability to communicate the written word that motivates our species.

Pressroom tab is for those who want to know more about the SQ Books author and what was written. On that tab, there is also a series of letters that was written to a friend who had read the manuscript of SpiritQuest 2: Interface With Creation.  The letters are in response to a specific question about a subject in each chapter. They preview what SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation is about.

SpiritQuest: Our War With Choices (Back of Book)