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Week 1- harass Week 2- convert Week 3- drain Week 4- fission Week 5- stump


“The only way the Democrats can win this election is to constantly harass Donald Trump on personal issues.” Why? They lack new answers to change the process and direction of the Obama administration. Because they lack new ways of solving the most political sensitive issues, their only recourse is to attack the Republican candidate on his personal habits and business success. If liberal Democrats would face the truth, they would see that the Clinton camp will only continue the failed policies of the last eight years. This lack of new vision means they can only harass Trump on personal issues and hope it is enough to win!


“She was constantly harassed by the other students.” Harass is a negative action aimed at someone in an unpleasant manner. The most often used meaning of harass is “to annoy persistently.” Also it is a type of military tactic to increase stress on an enemy’s forces. It stresses the enemy because they must constantly be on alert, without rest, not knowing when an attack will come. As in the example, the student does not have any peace of mind because of the harassment. It might be OK to harass your enemy, but not your friend!


“He was being harassed by a collection agency.” This is one of those things that happen when life gets crazy and someone is hit with unexpected financial expenses and incurs unwanted debt. That is why it is a good idea to have a budget, know what your “have to” expenses are and how to dole out your income correctly. What you have left over when all necessary expenses are paid is your incidental cash that you use for what you want if you can afford it. Don’t overspend. Sensible use of left over cash is wise and can avoid harassment by a collection agent!


“He claimed that he was unfairly harassed by the police.” This is a claim that law enforcement hears often these days. But how many times is it really true? People who break the law often feel that their rights are violated. They will feel that way because they do not want the law to interfere with what they want to do. What they often want to do is unlawful, but they insist it is their right to do unlawful things. Who is going to win? History tells us that when the law and law enforcement are severely limited and disrespected, that society will implode. Get ready for the US to implode!


“His ex-girlfriend was harassing him and he was unsure of what to do to stop her.” When a relationship ends on a bad note, negative reactions from one or the other parties can be expected. Unfortunately, some people react to such unhappy endings with very deep and negative emotions. Those same deep and negative emotions can drive abnormal actions, such as harassment. Time is sometimes the proper solution, but when it is apparent that time has not eliminated the negativity or angry emotions, then one must look to other avenues to solve the problem. Try to be proactive, but legal action may be the final solution. It is better to be safe than sorry in these kinds of harassing situations!

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“Most Democrats are ardent converts to socialism.” Socialism is a belief that the State (i.e. government) is best suited to take care of its people. Those in charge (a chosen few) are best suited to dictate to the majority what are the best morals, beliefs, and politically correct actions for the good of society. However, they will not tell you that you are a slave to the State and they will severely punish those who do not follow their rules. Use great care before you convert to being a Democrat!


“The Cardinals tried for two points in Sunday’s game but could not convert.” This example sentence makes sense to many sport’s fans. One meaning to convert is “to make a goal after receiving (a pass) from a teammate.” The most often used form of convert is “to bring over from one belief, view, or party to another or to bring about a religious conversion.” An engineer would prefer the following definition as a means “to alter the physical or chemical nature or properties of an item especially in manufacturing.” The stockbroker would understand convert to mean “to exchange for an equivalent” as in a bond or currency into dollars. The shrewd thinker will convert to positive thinking and use that to achieve success!


“Jason didn’t think he’d like paying his bills online, but now he is a convert.” This example use could apply to many of us in the use of the internet. It is becoming safer and more practical to use online bill paying. The use of convert here is in the sense of the meaning “to alter for more effective utilization.” As advances are made in the electronic devices and internet, we need to make changes with the advances to increase our efficiency and use of time. Don’t resist new ways of doing things if that will give you extra time to do more enjoyable activities. Convert to new methods when practical!


“The converts were the most vocal and fervent worshipers in the church.” Often this use of ‘convert’ is its most frequent application. This definition “to bring about a religious conversion” is what we think of and apply to convert. It is becoming more of the norm to use convert in its sports application rather than its religious meaning. We see it used in science also as a caterpillar converts from (changes form) to become a beautiful butterfly. Convert simply means to change from one form to another. We need to convert to being better citizens and support our constitution!


“To convert an enemy to a friend is not always a good idea.” The core issue in this thought is that of trust. A good relationship should be based upon mutual trust. If someone who has been an “enemy” becomes a friend, someway must be devised to establish that the original issue of what made both sides at polar opposites has been resolved and can no longer be an area of disagreement. If that original issue is still lingering, even if only slightly, it can flair up and become a factor that will destroy the relationship and cause damage to other friends. Use caution when converting enemies!

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“Democrat waste in spending will drain the country’s financial resources.” One of Aesop’s fables was a story about the goose that laid golden eggs and the end result of greed. Liberals in our country lack common, everyday good financial sense. Any good “bean counter” knows that whatever is spent must be covered by money coming in. Democrats lack this simple view of reality. They think that taxation is a bottomless pit of income for them to spend on government giveaways. They are rapidly destroying the U.S. tax base. It will have drastic results. They are draining the money swamp without a clue of the consequences!


“I was waiting for the bathtub to drain.” “Drain” has been part of the English language since the 12th century. The simple definition of ‘drain’ is “to remove a liquid from something by letting it flow away or out.” It also means to empty a container of some kind. Another sense of the word is “to exhaust physically or emotionally.” It can also be used “to mean to disappear gradually.” For something to drain, it means it has an outlet, hole or mechanism to empty a container of its contents. Most beer drinkers like to drain a beer keg of its contents!


“I was totally drained of energy yesterday.” I went to Walgreen’s on Monday and got a flu shot. The effect was that yesterday I felt like I had no energy. I was listless and it was difficult to get motivated to get things done. To move was an effort. Mentally it was like moving in a fog. This was the impact of getting that flu shot and it left me in a blue funk with little energy. That was the result of being totally drained of energy. Be careful as being drained of energy can leave you physically and mentally exhausted!


“The city’s emergency fund has been drained because of fraud.” This is a serious impact to this city. Fraud is an illegal activity by one or more persons united in an effort to gain financially by deceit. This city has been seriously impacted by this financial conspiracy. The city now has no emergency funds to fall back on in time of trouble. The conspirators will be hunted down by law enforcement officers in an attempt to regain some of the stolen funds. The guilty parties will be prosecuted and sentenced if found guilty. Be sure that you watch your finances and make sure they do not get drained illegally!


“Bad relationships will mentally and physically drain you.” Avoid bad relationships. Just have the courage to dump associations with people who drag you down. Clean house. A bad relationship is like a smoldering coal that can explode at a moment’s notice and engulf you in its flames. Put yellow caution tape with ‘Do No Cross’ around those relationships that hinder your success. They will do nothing for you except to drain you of creative energy and positive thinking. Get rid of that nasty sucking sound of bad influence!

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“The fission within the Republican party is building into an enormous political explosion.” Fission, our word for this week, is used primarily as a scientific term. However, when used to explain the result of dynamic forces it can fit rather well. This year’s election is producing a pent-up energy that may well be released in, as yet, unknown and undefined explosive forces. Claims of a rigged election are a force that may produce unintended results of an unhappy electorate. The fission process is not a force to be carelessly used!


“Nuclear fission could well be the way we get free and clean power for the future.” The definition of fission is “a process in which the nucleus of a heavy atom is split apart. “ That is a commonly used physics application. Biology uses the same thought but in a slightly different way. To the biologist, fission is “a kind of reproduction in which a cell or body divides into two or more parts and each part grows into a whole new individual.” The simple definition of fission is the breaking up into two or more parts. Harnessing the power produced from the splitting of an atom has been one of the most singularly important events of the past century. It is a process that we should use with great care!


“A nuclear disaster is fission in which the control process was faulty.” This is what happened at a Russian power plant some years ago. That area is still contaminated to this day. The loss of that facility cost the Russians many lives and that plant is still unusable. The systems in a nuclear power plant must be constantly monitored to assure the safety of the facility and its people. The operators of a nuclear power plant must be diligent at all times to look for symptoms that would indicate a pending system failure. A well run nuclear power plant is a boon to modern society. Nuclear fission processes must be constantly monitored for safety!


“A detonated nuclear device will release a large amount of uncontrolled energy.” The impact of a nuclear explosion is intended to be massive death and destruction. This is one of the negative results of the use of nuclear weapons. Once released the weapon will produce enormous destruction on the target area. Not only is the damage immediate, but long lasting as the impact point will have long term radiation effects. This is why a nuclear device is called a “weapon of mass destruction” and its use should be only as a last resort solution. An uncontrolled nuclear explosion is the use of fission in its worst possible way!


“The end result of fission in a relationship is a splitting apart.” A divorce, break-up, or legal separation are all evidence of fission in a relationship. Seldom does fission – a splitting apart – end up being amiable. Subconscious feelings of mistrust are usually a deep-seated fringe result of such relationship break-ups. Even in the best of circumstances, these deep-seated feelings and emotions can show themselves at unexpected times. The moral of the story here is be extremely careful when you think a dissolution of a relationship is pending. Make sure that you have explored all avenues to resolve differences in the relationship. Breaking a relationship can have delayed and unintended fission!

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“The politicians in this year’s campaign are “up a stump” when it comes to telling the plain truth.” For the first time in our country’s election history, the election is focused on personalities rather than what the candidate is going to do to correct the problems in our government. Have we stooped to elect a president based upon how popular they are rather than what proven skills they have? The future of our nation is now floating on quicksand rather than solid ground. Our country is becoming a rotten stump of what it used to be!


“My grandfather cleared stumps from his land before he could farm.” The clearing of trees is only one meaning of ‘stump.’ It can also mean the butt end of something. Medically it can mean a “vestigial body part.” An odd use of stump is that in the game of cricket, the “wicket” or goal at each end of the field is also called a “stump.” Those who travel for a cause, usually politics, are said to be “out stumping” for that purpose. When one is frustrated for an answer, it is usually called “being stumped.” Remember, resolve the issue that stumps you!


“Splitting wood on a tree stump is one of my childhood memories.” Some fifty years ago, one of my chores’ as a youngster was to split wood for our wood-fired kitchen stove. After school every afternoon, it was my responsibility to cut firewood. I would take an iron wedge and use it to split the wood from a tree trunk that had been cut into two foot long rounds. Each round the tree trunk had to be split into smaller pieces. Usually an old tree stump was the “work table” for splitting the wood. It was hard work and physically demanding but a necessary activity. Splitting wood never really “stumped” me!


“She was always ‘on the stump’ for the cancer society.” This is a phrase commonly used to describe someone who is adamant about certain causes or campaigns. The media has many ad sponsors for things like cancer research, health issues like diabetes or smoking. A spokesperson for one of these causes is normally said to be “on the stump” for a cure. It can also mean a person who has met a mentally challenging problem that he or she cannot solve. Don’t let yourself be “stumped” by some silly riddle!


“A bad relationship can leave a dead stump in your life.” Use great care in how you handle a bad relationship. 1) Know that you must end the relationship. 2) Use as much kindness and gentleness as you can possibly muster. 3) Use the experience to learn what not to do in the future. 4) Once done, forgive and forget. Think through your actions before you start the process of ending a bad relationship. If you have a good friend and confidant, get feedback from that person to help you minimize any damaging flashbacks which might occur by ending the bad relationship. Dead stumps can be hazardous to your health!

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