Leadership Trait: Honesty & Integrity

Leader Trait: Honesty & Integrity

We asked the question of what makes a good leader. There are about a dozen characteristics that go into the makeup of a top quality leader. However, there are few leaders that will have all twelve qualities in full measure.

For my personal list, the most important qualities of a leader must be honesty and integrity. Without these character traits, trust cannot become the full measure of what it should be. Honesty goes without saying but along side of honesty is the necessary ingredient of integrity. One word can almost fully define integrity; incorruptibility. This means that a leader has his own moral code and will adhere to it without fail no matter what the temptation. This is the basis for what builds trust in a leader.

Honesty and integrity become the foundation for completeness in a leader. Most other traits will come as a result of a leader’s soundness in these two characteristics. Without soundness and integrity, there is a lack of believability in a leader’s skills. These two leadership traits must be extremely high in a leader’s makeup. For surety’s sake, it should be in the upper ninety percent ranges.

Our next post will look at another necessary quality. President Reagan was a prime example of this trait. There are other qualities, but this one rates very high.

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