Chapter 8

RE: Statement in Chapter 8, page 73 of SQ2. Chapter title: Miracles of Jesus

“Lazarus has been restored to life and he is as good as new. Further details of this event are meager. Beyond a few comments on the reaction of witnesses, little else is known. Much of this miracle is recorded in a matter of fact way. However, there is much more under the surface.”

Dear Tom,

To say that the miracles of Jesus fascinate me is an understatement. Let me use an example by Josh McDowell in his book Evidence that Demands a Verdict. He illustrates the odds of some forty plus Old Testament miracles coming true in the life of one man. He likens those odds to one person finding one red silver dollar in one of the one foot stacks that cover the state of Texas. In his example, he uses only 36 of the 40+ and the odds are mind boggling. In the miracle of Lazarus resurrection the odds are almost impossible to calculate.

Why? Just the sheer number of physical factors alone that must be, if you will, reassembled are nearly impossible to assign a number. Add to that Lazarus’ spirit also was rejoined to his physical body.   All of this is beyond the human mind to comprehend. Yet Jesus with a command, in an instant, made Lazarus whole, healthy and complete.

This action of Jesus is beyond the capability of any mortal human to do. However, Jesus as man and God did this with just his word of command. Nothing in human history can begin to compare to what Jesus did here. Science cannot explain it. Mathematics cannot calculate it. Human intellect finds it most difficult to comprehend. It is the perfect example to illustrate God’s intervention into the physical laws of our universe.

This example is only one of many that illustrates the principle of SE=MC2. It is a manifestation of God’s spiritual energy at work in our physical universe. Jesus was physically here when this miracle was done. He sent the Holy Spirit which can do far greater things than this. All we have to do is have faith and believe. When are we, as believers, going to use what God has given us to its fullest extent?

When will we learn how to use our faith? Maybe that is why the world around us is disintegrating and many are headed to eternal damnation.  

 Faithfully in the name of Jesus, JR    Ltr8.ch8.081211


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