3. Christ

Baptist Doctrine

Doctrine Three: Jesus Christ, Messiah

This doctrine is the underlying focus of Baptist Doctrine. If this doctrine: Jesus Christ, Messiah does not exist, there is little use for all of the other Baptist Doctrines. The Old Testament foretold the coming of the Messiah. The New Testament verified the physical existence of the Messiah in Jesus Christ. The apostles taught believers all that they knew about the Messiah by their personal knowledge and experience of walking with Jesus. They willingly lived, were persecuted, suffered, and died because of their personal knowledge of Jesus as the Messiah.

This next series of topics will be extensive. Why? Because an in depth knowledge of who Jesus was, what He taught, and what He gave are the cornerstone of a true believer’s faith. If your faith in Jesus Christ is not rock solid, you will live in doubt and turmoil. Jesus as the Messiah and God’s only Son is the only accurate and eternal source for truth. Without Jesus human beings have no solid, believable foundation for truth. Man’s truth is whimsical at best and changes daily depending upon who claims to have authority.

We will probably go through about two or three dozen topics. Each topic may have one post or several depending upon subject matter and the number of scriptures that need to be reviewed and understood.  Some topics are multi-faceted and may require several posts to cover each point as each post will be limited to three or at most four paragraphs. When doctrine three is finished, the reader should have a solid knowledge of Jesus Christ as Messiah and the mission that God gave him.

Topics 1 & 2   Jesus Christ-Why this name? & Importance of this doctrine.

Topic 3  Jesus Christ-Why his humanity?

Topic 4   Jesus Christ-Fulfilled Old Testament Prophecy

Topic 5  The deity of Christ