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Week 1- good Week 2- setback Week 3- discharge Week 4- falter Week 5- grasp


“Teachers can be a strong force for good.” This used to be a correct statement. Now so many teachers are brainwashed with the principles of socialism that this example statement is no longer valid. Let me explain. Socialism is based upon principles that have been proven time and again to restrict individual rights and freedoms. Many times socialism is a vehicle for a small minority to rule the majority with an iron fist and individual rights and freedoms are abolished. Teachers who reinforce the founding fathers ideas about individual freedoms are good teachers!


“He was known for having good intentions but fell short on results.” In this example, we see ‘good’ used in the sense of being “benevolent.” One of the primary meanings of ‘good’ is that of “conforming to a standard.” Other definitions of good are right, commendable, skillful, close (as a friend) and free from infirmity. Good can also be used in the sense of upper class or as a meat grade of high quality. Good can also be the goal of things we do for others. Let’s follow good intentions with quality results!


“She believes there is some good in everyone.” This person looks for positive things in people, which is commendable. To support this view, we would need to look for signs or symptoms that undergird this thinking. However, the words “some good” do not cover 100 percent of what is in a person’s makeup. One might have many good characteristics and also have a hidden bad side. To have a positive view of people is a good thing, but one also needs to keep in mind that hidden characteristics will assert themselves from time to time. It is called taking the bad with the good!


“The good Doctor gave his expert opinion of my injury.” Good is used in this example in the sense of being competent and skillful. Another sense in which ‘good’ can be used is that of close friendship, as in: he is a good friend. ‘Good’ is also used as a means of measuring the quality of something like that of brand of clothing or that of a grade of meat. Good used as an indicator of quality means that it is better than average and somewhat desirable. There is nothing better than having ‘good’ taste!


“Good relationships should be protected and treated like your prized possessions.” Good relationships are like saving money for hard times. They can help you times of stress. They can be your encouragers when you feel depressed. They can be the foundation of solid advice that helps you achieve success. Good relationships are an important part of who we are and we should give them time and energy to help them continue to be strong. Watch your friends become your strongest allies in time of trouble!

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“The Republican Party has seen several setbacks during the election primaries, but continues to press on to November.” This week’s word is relatively new to the English language. Its first recorded use was in 1674, but since has been more widely used. As with the example sentence, setback is a temporary failure in achieving something hoped for. The strongest candidate for the Republican Party is Donald Trump. He faces a near impossible task of not only reuniting the Republican Party, but reuniting the country to overcome the opposition party’s failed policies. If the Republican presidential nominee cannot accomplish the task of reuniting the party, he may also face setbacks in reuniting our country!


“Hewlett Packard has weathered several financial setbacks but has been strong enough to bounce back.” The primary sense in which “setback” is used is that of reversal or an impeding of progress. This noun is also used to as an engineering term to indicate an area of adjustment where a line is used to show a deviation in a plane or change in a foundation elevation to allow for it to be adjusted. Another use is for a placement indicator for utilities or septic placement on a lot. It can also mean a time for reduction or variation in temperature for a thermostat. However setback is used, it means a change of what is normal and it must sometimes be overcome. Don’t let a setback damage your desire for success!


“The county suffered a major setback when their funding proposal was rejected by its voters.” As in this example, setback means a delay or rejection of some proposed action. In these cases, there will be symptoms as to the reasons for it being rejected. Usually there is an underlying cause for the setback. A thorough analysis would need to be done to find the negative component and revise it to be a positive and necessary action. Every setback is an opportunity to improve and move toward success!


“The city’s Planning and Development inspector gave his approval yesterday for the builder’s setback plan.” Architects and builders have to plan and design their projects with the proper amount of setback. This is normally a requirement of most cities and towns in their building codes. This allows proper spacing between and around most structures for such things as electrical, sewer, and water utilities. Failure to allow proper setback has been a headache for many a contractor to deal with. When building something like a home or business structure, check and recheck your ‘setback’ codes to make sure they are correct!


“Jim and Katie suffered several setbacks in their relationship but managed to work out good solutions.” There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. In the best cases, there are times when differences of opinion will exist. That is what makes us individuals instead of “cookie cutter” robots. Seldom are two individuals perfectly matched where both will agree on everything. One of the challenges of a relationship is to find out how to live with differences in an agreeable manner. Working out those differences is one of the things that will strengthen the bond that ties the relationship together!

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“The Republican Party candidate for President must begin to discharge his duties in a responsible manner in order to win the election.” The election in November will be proof that the Republican Party has lost or found its ability to lead. The Democrats have done a great job of dividing the nation and diverting attention away from real issues. The Republicans must focus attention on real issues and real solutions. To fail in this will mean that this nation will become weaker and unable to survive. The Republican candidate must know and discharge his duties with knowledge and precision to win!


“The judge chose to discharge the jury.” This example uses discharge in its most simple meaning: to release from duty. To relieve or remove a burden is only one of six definitions of ‘discharge.’ Another often used sense is that of releasing electrical energy from a battery. To dismiss from service or release from obligation is another way this word is used. Discharge has two verb forms of use as a transitive or intransitive verb. The action of this verb is to cancel or release from some binding condition. Discharge correctly your duty to your fellow man!


“Thousands of soldiers were discharged after the Iraq war.” Many Iraq veterans were released from active duty after the U.S. pulled out. Discharge is another way of saying that whatever services were being performed they are no longer needed. Our armed forces unloaded a large burden of financial cost when these soldiers were discharged. What is not obvious is the impact to these soldiers being released from military duties and being challenged to return to a normal civilian lifestyle. War changes people. The changes to these soldiers cannot be as easily discharged as they will live with it for the rest of their lives!


“His gun failed to discharge because of a malfunction.” To shoot a weapon as in this example is one of the more common uses of discharge. Here it is used in another sense of “to release” as in sending a bullet, arrow or other such deadly force on its way to a target. Discharge is often used to describe some physical condition that will have an impact in the direction where it is sent. Such discharge will most usually create some unpleasant end result. Handle your weapons carefully as their discharge can most often be deadly!


“She had to discharge her new boyfriend for bad behavior.” That means that their relationship started off on the wrong foot. Integrity and good behavior are important values for most relationships and when a relationship starts with these values being ignored or broken it is not likely for that association to continue in a positive vein. When both parties do not value the same things, most relationships will not continue. Integrity is important. Be careful what you discharge as incorrect!

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“He never faltered under the opposition’s attack.” Politics is a war. The opposition will attack any areas of weakness and try to exploit that weakness to their advantage. They do this because of their own weakness in never putting forth workable solutions to the real problems. The one under attack must be able to sidestep the opposition’s frontal attack and respond with positive solutions to the real problems that the opposition is avoiding. Never falter but always propose positive solutions to real issues!


“Her steps began to falter.” In this sentence example, we see falter in its most often used form, The number one way in which we see falter used is: to walk unsteadily or to move in a hesitating way. Another sense in which we see falter used is to speak brokenly or with weakness. Again, falter can also mean to lose drive or effectiveness as in “the business was faltering.” Vacillate is another word that also means to falter. It can also mean to hesitate in purpose or action as in “he faltered in his determination.” To falter is not a word that you want to be associated with as in lack of action!


“Show me the signs that today’s economy is faltering.” Today’s example sentence gives us the viewpoint that the U.S. financial picture is not as rosy as some media want us to think. For the past eight years we have been fighting the effects of recession. The present administration and its financial gurus have been unable to get our economy revved up and growing again. It is not surprising as this is one of the malicious symptoms of the socialist state. Government cannot create financial growth. Only a free market without government controls can grow. Every socialist state has eventually fallen because of its inability to spur economic growth. Look for many things to falter in the days ahead!


“His advice was “don’t let your optimism falter.” Optimism has a way of giving one energy and a promise of future solutions. Optimism is always looking forward to the promise of better things to come. Optimism is a motivating force that we need to be problem solvers and planners of better ways to do things. When it falters, positive motivation is hindered from doing things that help improve life around us. Don’t let optimism falter but keep forging ahead to better things for tomorrow!


“One underlying factor in a relationship is to never let your trust falter.” One rule for relationships: trust is valuable. Many relationships are facing rough times because one or the other in the relationship has done something that brings suspicion or distrust because of one thoughtless action. Always try to think through what you do and try to anticipate how the other party might react. If uncertainty comes through, then rethink what you are doing or find an alternative. Keep your trust strong and your relationship will survive tough times!

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“This candidate shows a weak grasp of political strategy.” It is unfortunate that the Republican candidate in this year’s election does not possess real political savvy. That lack will prove to be the underlying reason for the Republican Party’s loss in this election. In war, you must have resources, a successful strategy and all parts operating in unity to win. Lack in any one of these three areas will spell failure to reach the goal. The Republican Party candidate is a divider, not a unifier. This weakness will be the end of today’s Republican Party!


“I grasped the end of the rope and pulled as hard as I could.” This word has a physical meaning as well as a mental concept of “to understand.” The most often used meaning is “to take and hold of something with your fingers, hands or mechanical device.” Grasp is also used in the sense of “to understand something that is complicated or difficult.” Another sense in which grasp is used is “to take or seize eagerly.” However one uses grasp, it is to lay hold of something physically or mentally. Be eager to grasp good, positive life activities!


“He felt the solution was within his grasp.” In this example sentence, we are faced with a fork in the road. Is it talking about a grasping of something physical or about a mental concept? The key will turn on the meaning given to the word “solution.” The word ‘felt’ can be taken as a physical taking a hold of something or a thought about an elusive mental concept. Is the solution an answer to a physical problem or an answer to a mental challenge? Both of the above questions must be answered before we can understand what the solution is. Get a grasp on the answers!


“His arthritis is so bad he can barely grasp a pencil.” Arthritis is painful and impairs one’s ability to smoothly function physically. The most often used meaning of grasp is that of physically taking hold of something with your fingers and hands. To hinder one’s physical grasp is to be impaired to some degree. Whereas, one’s mental grasp is to have a knowledge and understanding of something that is complicated or difficult. Arthritis only in a small way hinders a person mentally. Be sure that you grasp that object firmly!


“These two have a weak grasp of what makes a good relationship.” Trust, integrity, openness, and honesty are some key concepts that are part of the values that draw kindred spirits. Negative actions can start a relationship to disintegrate. Thoughtlessness can be the pebble that helps a relationship to unravel. Do not be guilty of doing things without giving thought to how others might view or understand what you do. As humans, we do not live in a vacuum. We are daily in contact with others and we must learn to be aware of our actions and how others might view them. Get a good grasp on what actions are right in a relationship!

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