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Week 1- barren Week 2- frown Week 3- abide Week 4- born


“The political choice in this year’s election is very barren with two, neither of which is a model candidate for president.” As you can see, this week’s word is ‘barren.’ The choice for our country in this election is most disappointing. Most Brit’s think that Clinton is the best choice for the U.S. What they don’t know is that she would remake our country into a barren, unproductive socialist nation driving out or putting in jail ambitious and motivated individuals that have been the core of making the U. S. a world power. To her, we should be a barren and unproductive third world country living off the wealth of others!


“The site of the town is a barren, rocky mountain valley.” This is a good description of a town in the Scottish Highlands we recently visited. Several definitions of barren give the term devoid or lacking new emphasis. Perhaps the meaning of “not reproducing” clarifies the term devoid. Fruitless does give barren another twist on the meaning of “not productive.” Lacking interest, charm, inspiration or ideas also rounds out the definition of barren. Many today are guilty of barren thinking which is devastating!


“Few creatures can thrive on these barren Arizona mountaintops.” In this example we see ‘barren’ used in the sense of lacking. Some of the higher peaks in Arizona have little or no vegetation on them. Some peaks are home to wild mountain goats, eagles, or birds like the Mexican and California condor. Many of these birds nest in the high peaks but hunt for food in the lower elevations. Only the most avid and skilled climbers will venture into their habitat areas. Not much grows in these barren peaks!


“Farmer Jones bought a young heifer that was barren and never produced any baby cows.” The cow that he purchased was only good for milking and to slaughter for food. Most farmers buy animals that will reproduce and add to their herds. Farmer Jones would have not been pleased to have a cow that was unable to produce offspring to add to his herd. This animal would have been sent to a meat packing plant to be used for steaks, hamburger and other food products. Barren farm animals do not make farmers happy!


“A barren relationship produces no fruit and will eventually die.” Relationships should always be mutually beneficial and produce positive results in both members. A barren relationship often suggests impoverishment or sterility neither of which is productive. Such relationships should be abandoned for they will eventually produce negative or disastrous results. Beware of fruitless and barren relationships!

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“Many of Trump’s critics frown on the idea of him being president.” Many of the media have a very negative attitude about Donald Trump being president. Trump is not a politician and this is what infuriates most of the liberal leaders in government and education. They would rather hear Hillary’s lies than any truth from the Republican candidate for president. Truthfully, Hillary’s lies bring a frown to my face when I think of her being chief executive of the United States!


“Her critics frown on her idea of writing a non-fiction book instead of a crime novel.” An author that wants to change writing genres can be asking for trouble. A frown is to contract the brow in displeasure is it most often used meaning. This Middle English word first came into use about the 14th century and has continued to be a useful verb. It is a facial expression that conveys displeasure or disapproval of another’s thoughts or actions. Frown is both an intransitive and transitive verb depending upon the way it is used. Please don’t frown on my being late in posting this!


“Jack was a frowner as it was a part of his character.” This is the noun form of frown. The noun form is not often used to indicate a person’s facial expression or disposition. It is more often used as a verb to indicate reaction to another’s action or verbal statement. Oftentimes, a frown indicates one’s disapproval or distaste of the action or statement that the speaker has made. Most often a frown indicates a negative sense of the others action. A frown takes more facial muscles than a smile. Practice putting a smile on your face rather than a frown!


“His boss just stood there and frowned because his assistant who was in trouble, once again,” Anyone who has worked for someone has had this kind of experience. A frown is a facial expression that will show displeasure or disapproval of another. A parent can do this with an unruly child. A wife can show displeasure or disapproval of her husband in this way. A frown on another’s face can cause anxiety to the receiver. A frown does not give one a happy face. Use great care when you frown!


“He frowned as his son stormed out of the house slamming the door in anger.” It is unfortunate that in most relationships, there are moments of friction and disagreements. As in this example, the son has reacted in anger at his father’s decision. Such disagreements can happen in the best of relationships; however it is not the end of the world. Civil discussion between the two parties after the initial emotional reaction can usually work out the problems and bring an equitable agreement. Use it with care because a frown can quickly transmit your displeasure to another

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“The Democratic Party will no longer abide by the moral or civil rule of law, but will make their own even if it kills us as a nation.” This nation is headed for a disaster. The Democrats no longer tolerate truth, good sense, or rational logic. Their presidential candidate is attacking her opponent with viciousness, untruth, and antagonism. She has no program for her administration except that of Obama which will continue to cause disintegration of our society and rule of law. As voters we should not abide with such a blatant attack on what has made our nation great!


“Trust me; she will abide by your decision.” This is probably good advice. As in this example abide is used in the sense of “to accept without objection.” Another meaning is “to remain stable or fixed in a state.” However, most of us would use the abide definition “to wait for” or “to continue in place.” Abide is a word not used as much now as it has been used. These days it seems we don’t want to abide patiently!


“You cannot abide with such bigots.” In our world today, this statement is true. It is most unfortunate. Muslim radicals hate Americans and want to kill them. Black radicals hate anyone that disagrees with them. Many radical Democrats spew hateful rhetoric against those who do not believe as they do and radical Republicans have the same issues. Our world has become a giant cesspool of hate filled rantings against anyone who disagrees with them. Whatever happened to the concept of live and let live? We cannot abide much longer without such unbalanced thinking becoming a major force for destruction!


“He said: I don’t need to abide by the rules.” It is unfortunate but this is the attitude that exists with many minorities today. They think that the rule of law is for everyone but them and that because they are minorities, they are exempt from obeying the law. They want the benefits of what a law abiding country produces for them, but they want to do as they please without punishment when they break the law. That kind of attitude and mindset is what will lead to lawlessness and chaos. Everyone must abide by the rules otherwise it will lead to destruction of our society!


“They have a love that will abide until the end of their lives.” All good relationships will have a positive emotional aspect that provides long-term energy. As in this example sentence, it is love that endures through the good times and the bad that will last a lifetime. This kind of love is not magic. It is two people who have a strong physical attraction as well as a strong spiritual foundation that can abide with the ups and downs of life. A shallow physical attraction by itself will not abide for very long!

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“To be American-born used to be a label of honor, but the Democrats have now made it to be a degraded status.” Since the 1950’s, socialists have made a concerted effort to degrade the term “American-born” to something that is sub-standard. It is their drive to tear down what has made America the greatest nation on earth and to replace it with derisive terms that infuse a sense of shame. What is worse is that we as Americans have let them do it through “political correctness.” Today, American pride is still-born and degrading!


“I was born on a farm, northeast of Chandler in Lincoln, County Oklahoma.” The simplest and most often used meaning of born is “brought forth by or as if by birth.” Another less often used definition is “having from birth specified qualities” often used to express an innate ability as in “He is a born leader.” Also, another less often used meaning is that of “destined from or as if from birth” as in she was born to succeed. The major thought is that of someone or something is brought into existence. You have been born to do or be something special, so do your best to find it!


“My wife was born prematurely.” In our modern society premature births are common and many go on to live very normal lives. Fifty or sixty years ago, premature birth was a dangerous thing. The medical community had not yet learned enough to keep a “preemie” alive nor did they have the technology that we have today. Advances in the medical arena have helped to give such premature births a much higher survival rate and some dedicated nurses specialize in prenatal nursery care. A hundred years ago, to be born premature was almost a certain death warrant!


“His best idea was born in a brainstorming session with his three best friends.” The thought here is that what did not exist before has now become a reality. In this case, a free interchange of thoughts and ideas has allowed previously unthought-of concepts to be examined and created. This has been one way that new products and services have been introduced into new business ventures. To brainstorm in this manner creates a positive environment that allows new ideas to be introduced into existence. Don’t let negativity block new ideas from being born!


“Their baby was born on July 31st.” The attraction between a man and a woman will normally produce two events. One event should be marriage and the other is birth of a child. This is the most common relationship that we have seen in the past. However, our present society has turned things upside down. Relationships have become a free-for-all of anything goes. History tells us that when the norms of a society become distorted and perverted that society is on the verge of disintegration. A baby born of a relationship is no longer a “norm” in our nation! What next?

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