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Week 1- pile  Week 2- reject Week 3- noise Week4- pierce


“Most socialist will pile into any negative comment about the U.S.” Read the history of Socialism and it will become apparent that they are never satisfied with the way things work. This is wrong and that is wrong, so let’s tear it down and replace it with something new. Funny, but the “new” they want always involves a concentration of power with a small group of “intellectuals” who always know what is right (no matter what they do it is right). People who ‘pile’ into socialism do so without doing proper research. The end result of socialism is a dictatorship that destroys freedoms. Socialists are always brewing a pile of trouble freedom thinkers!


“Why don’t you get rid of that pile of junk?” This question is a common one that uses pile in its verb form. Another definition for pile is that used by builders as in a “long slender column usually of timber, steel, or reinforced concrete used to carry a vertical load.” It is also used in the sense of “to lay or place in a pile as in a stack.” Another way that pile is used is to describe a fortune as in a “great amount (pile) of money:” With the coming of the atomic age, another way that pile is used is to describe a nuclear reactor. However, a reactor would not be called a pile of junk!


“Her pile of blankets was folded next to him.” This lady is doing her best to be helpful. This example sentence does not give us extra information, but it does illustrate that the person needing help is being attended to. The purpose of the blankets is not given, but apparently is needed. As in this illustration, a pile is not given as a number but only as an unnumbered pile. What he will do with or use the blankets for is not given to us, but must be important to him. If it is really cold, a pile of blankets can be important!


“The company mail clerk left a pile of letters on her usually neat desk.” This unthoughtful act by the mail clerk would have upset this employee. For the clerk to leave the mail in a pile was an insult to this employee that liked neatness. The mail could have been put into a box, bag, or mail bin and left by the desk. But the clerk chose to pile up the mail on the otherwise neat desk. The reasons for the mail clerk to do this are unknown, but a supervisor should have been notified and the clerk reprimanded. Male or female, disrespect of another employee should have been attended to and addressed. Be careful where you ‘pile’ things as it may come back to bite you!


“He smiled thoughtfully as he looked at the pile of letters from his wife.” Communication is a vital part of any good relationship. Without it, a relationship will wither and die. With it, a relationship will grown strong and vibrant and it will create a strong bond that is not easily broken. Good communication builds a bridge of trust in the relationship that enables it to weather life’s storms and it takes time and effort. A relationship without intimate sharing has little strength for it to survive. Pile it on, guys, and your relationship with her will grow stronger!

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“Most Democrats reject almost everything that is considered sane and rational.” They refuse to believe that they lost the last election because voters rejected their liberal ideology. The Democratic candidate could not present a clear, sane, and rational policy that voters could understand and instead, relied on a constant barrage of hate speech for anything Republican. Voters wanted positive action and answers, not hatred for conservative values. Democrats were rejected because they did not have a clear, positive campaign for rational solutions!


“Many of today’s money hungry publishers will reject a manuscript without reading it.” Because of competition, they will only accept high-profile writers with a large readership. This is a classic definition of ‘reject.’ Webster’s meaning of reject is “to refuse to accept, consider, submit to, or take for some purpose, or use.” This fact makes it difficult for new authors to get published. Rarely do new and unknown authors make it to the New York Times best seller list. Many a good author is discouraged by this practice of the commercials. The mantra of today’s publishers is not new and innovative subjects, but money, money, money!


“The committee rejected his travel ban.” Our president has met extreme opposition to one of his executive orders. Many times we see resistance to a new power figure when they take office. What is disturbing is that money power is dictating what direction the courts will take in trying to curb the power of the Executive Branch. What seems to be lost in this opposition is the safety of the American people. The power of money can open areas of weakness that can and may bring severe damage to the responsibility of our president to protect citizens. When money causes rejection of citizen safety that is dangerous to our nation!


“The Army rejected my grandson for medical reasons.” This example sentence is a classic use of ‘reject.’ It means “to refuse to allow someone to join….” in this case my grandson trying to join the Army. Most military branches have pretty strict requirements for joining and especially being medically fit. Good health is needed by military units because of the intense physical training that most new recruits have to go through to perform to the military’s expectations. An unhealthy condition is a normal cause for being rejected!


“My brother rejected my excuse for being late.” Relationships with siblings can sometimes be a pain. Unfortunately, not all sibling relationships are honest and truthful. When a sibling relationship is lacking in trust and integrity, it can be a painful experience. Make it a habit to always be open and honest with family members. To not do so is to open a door for a chaotic exchange of distrustful words. Doing that is never a good thing. Sometimes, good judgment requires one to be silent if nothing positive can be said. Truthfulness is always a good policy, but it can create a problem if the receiving family member is prone to being dishonest and not receptive to a truthful exchange. Even when one is late, being truthful is good even if it is rejected!

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“Since the 2016 fall election, we have heard a lot of noise from the election losers.” The Democrats are poor losers. Since the Electoral College upheld the Republican win in the election, we have heard a lot of noise from the Democrats’ ardent supporters. It has become evident that they do not like the results of the U.S. election. They daily raise negative questions about the President and how he is doing things. Traditionally we have had a ‘honeymoon’ when a new president comes into office, but these ‘enemies of the people’ are bound to sabotage the new administration in any way they can to bring it down. How stupid is that? If the Trump administration fails, it will be replaced with chaotic noise and goodbye to our freedom!


“I closed the window to block out the traffic noise.” In this example, noise means “any sound that is undesired or interferes with one’s hearing of something.” Noise can mean that a sound lacks agreeable musical quality or is noticeably unpleasant. These two definitions are most commonly used. Noise can also be used to explain irrelevant or meaningless data or output that occurs along with desired information. In sports, common talk like “making noise about moving the team” is also a useful expression. Noise is a way of identifying sounds as in unwanted signals that do not have a coherent meaning. It is always agreeable to keep senseless noise to a minimum!


“There were strange noises coming from the basement.” This kind of incident can be very unsettling and even a little spooky. However, logic tells us that those noises have a source and a reason for them to occur. Investigation will usually give the reasons and logic for why they are made. Noise, no matter how strange are sound waves being transmitted by something. A little careful probing will usually uncover the source. Proper preparation and the right instruments will provide answers for even the strangest noises!


“The initial data included a lot of noise that had to be sorted out.” When sound is being recorded, it must be filtered to eliminate unneeded white noise. Each sound has a source which creates it. White noise is unfiltered background sounds that need to be identified and its source located. Computer programs make this work much easier as each noise source has its own range and wave length. Knowing what sound each mechanical and natural source makes helps understand the “what and where” of how sound works. Search for the right voice pitch and it will help others sort out what you are trying to say!


“She couldn’t hear him over all the noise.” Noise happens even in the best of relationships and we must learn to deal with it. Honest and sincere two-way communication between two people will go a long way in reducing unnecessary and useless noise. For men, this is sometimes a difficult thing to do, but it must be done. Be a good listener. Ask questions about fuzzy ideas that you do not understand clearly. Offer thoughts about what you do or don’t understand. Clear communication cuts down noise!

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“If you pierce the brain of a socialist, you will find nothing but trash.” This week’s word is pierce and I think this example sentence says it all for the socialist mindset. If ever there was a group of misguided souls it is the socialist. Man’s inhumanity to man is the end result of what a socialist does. Reason does not accomplish what they want so they will usually resort to violence. Violence most always results in death and destruction for both sides Reasonableness never pierces their mind as to what is right!


“The bullet pierced his lung.” This statement is a classic use of the word ‘pierce.’ The dictionary gives “to make a hole through” as the second most used meaning of pierce. The first meaning is “to run into or through as a pointed weapon does.” Another definition is “to force or make a way into or through” something. The mental discernment of a concept or idea is another way in which we use pierce. Any object that perforates something like a wall or flat surface is to have been pierced. Be wary of sharp objects that can pierce your skin!


“The shrillness of the primal scream pierced the stillness of the night air.” This is one of those sounds that can shatter your nerves. This kind of scream can bring to one’s mind all kinds of disturbing thoughts. It is unsettling and disturbing to the peace we like to have. This sound pierces our mind and touches our emotions. It usually means that death or extreme danger is very near and sends our minds reeling as to what it means. Such sounds can pierce our serenity and send us into a state of fear!


“The radical idea that he had just heard pierced his mind like a knife.” New and innovative mental concepts sometimes send our thinking into unknown territory. This will cause us to use caution in the way we approach using new ideas. It may require that we do research and analysis to fully understand what to do with a new way of thinking. Irrational actions in such cases can lead us into a mental swampland of indecision. A slow steady approach to the “what and how” of new ideas is a much better approach. Don’t let radical or new ideas pierce your understanding irrationally!


“Negative thoughts and actions will pierce even the most serene and stable relationships.” Any relationship worth its salt is built upon trust. Therefore, positive thinking and helpful actions will do more to stabilize your most precious interactions with others that you love and admire. A negative attitude is a destructive force in any association with other human beings. Build on the positive and work to remove the negatives and your relationships will flourish. Piercing and biting comments are never helpful!


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