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“Our country pays tribute every Memorial Day to our fallen heroes.” Without their sacrifice, we would not have the freedoms we enjoy today. Radical extremists want to force us into slavery to ideas and beliefs that would strip us of our constitutional freedoms. What price do we put on freedom? Socialism puts everyone in the same mold and forces beliefs and ideas that destroy motivation and ingenuity. Give tribute to our fallen heroes by standing firm for the sacrifice they made!


“The ruler of Tibet paid a tribute to China every year.” Tribute is defined in two major thought themes: a) as money given to pay a tax or for protection from some danger a person or country might experience; or b) a gift or service showing respect, gratitude or affection. Accolade or commendations are two synonyms we see used to show tribute as a gift or service in b). We see in a) above it normally is seen as some form of monetary payment as a tax, tariff, or charge from a government, sovereign, or landlord. If someone is charging you for protection from something, you are paying tribute!


“The eulogy at Muhammed Ali’s funeral paid tribute to his success as a boxer.” A eulogy is a special kind of tribute. It makes a point of saying special things about the one who died. It points out characteristics about that person that makes them different or unique in things they did in life. It points out highlights of what the deceased did that made them worthy of outstanding recognition. Always pay tribute to those who give of themselves unselfishly!


“The design of the Air Force Stealth Bomber is a tribute to American engineering.” The idea in this thought is to attest to the worth, virtue, or value of advanced engineering. The result of such advanced engineering is to produce a weapon which is virtually undetectable to the enemies of our country. Such engineering accomplishments are a deterrent to outright armed aggression against the U.S. However, such amazing weapons are useless against the insanity of individuals who die with the intent to kill and maim others by their death. Such warped minds deserve no tribute!


“Pay tribute to those relationships that mentor you and challenge you to succeed.” Why do you need to pay tribute to your mentor(s). A mentor is an integral component of being a success. A mentor is also a key person in your personal relationships. They encourage you. They help you analyze what you do wrong and why. They also help you to analyze what you are doing right and help strengthen the positive aspects of what you need to become a success. Paying tribute to your mentors is positive reinforcement for you and for them!

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“Politics today shows us the present spirit of our nation.” We are no longer “one nation under God” but a diversity of cultures that are hell bent upon destroying our solid national foundation. That spirit is socialism. It is divisive, destructive and permeated with selfish greed. Such a national spirit is, pure and simple, a society killer!


“The school spirit of the Arizona state football champs was a tremendous asset to their winning attitude.” This example sentence gives us the enthusiastic loyalty meaning of “spirit.” Another often used definition is “temper or disposition of mind or outlook especially when vigorous or animated” as in he was in high spirits.” Two other meanings used are of a religious sense as in “holy spirit” and as “an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms.” Another sense of the word “spirit” is that of any distillate of alcohol. “The spirit of the law” is another way that spirit is used. In that sense, be careful to not break the law when you do something in the ‘spirit’ of fun!


“There is a very somber spirit of death in the Jantzen home.” Today is a day of great sadness because one of our good friends is on her deathbed because of liver cancer. She was having digestive problems for about a year. Her doctors could not find the cause. She has had a good life but her family is having a hard time understanding why the cause of her illness took so long to find. She will be missed. She had a lively spirit and was very active until three months ago when she began having major symptoms of the illness. Lift up her family in prayer.


“This young father was in high spirits after his son’s birth.” This sentence portrays “temper or disposition of mind or outlook when vigorous or animated.” A very happy young dad would display high spirits on the birth of his first son. It would be natural for him to be in a positive and happy state. The end result of high spirits is an emotional high and it would be natural for the young man to want it to continue. High spirits are a good emotional high!


The best spirit for a relationship is teamwork.” One of the most difficult issues in many relationships is that of working together. The ideal relationship would be for one partner strengths to cover the other partner’s areas of weakness. Seldom does that happen, however, it should be what both individuals in the relationship want. Two together, covering each other’s weaknesses makes one strong unit. Communication is one key part of being able to make this kind of relationship happen. Go for the team spirit!

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“This election is doing more to quench the flames of freedom than any other in U.S. history.” Radical forces in the Democratic Party are pushing for changes that would inhibit individual liberty as never before. Conversely, the Republican Party is so entrenched in power politics that it is being destroyed by internal power struggles. This election may be the last election where the American people have any say in who controls what in government. Failure of leadership that promotes the strength of the U.S. Constitution will ensure that Socialism prevails. Without a strong constitution, freedom and liberty will be quenched!

“This lemonade has really quenched my thirst.” In this example sentence, we see the most usual meaning of quench used. That is “to terminate or satisfy with liquid.” Another definition is “to bring something immaterial to an end typically by satisfying, damping, cooling or decreasing.” A third and often used way to use quench is “to put out the light or fire of something burning with water.” Typically quench is used to put out or extinguish something that has an energy source of some kind. Be careful and do not quench your children’s motivation to succeed!”

“One’s irrational understanding of the laws of nature can quench any possible dream of success.” This statement points out that any thinking that is illogical is bound to exhibit skewed conclusions. The laws of nature as in scientific and verifiable experiments will be repeatable. If one try’s to make them do invalid actions, many symptoms of failure will be the natural result. Understand the scientific laws that exist in nature and you will be able to understand why the same results can be seen over and over again. Quench how one understands scientific law and you will damage their sense of reason!

“Be sure to quench all campfires with water when leaving a campsite.” In Arizona, we are in the middle of forest fire season and many forest fires are started because campers do not take time to flood their campsite fire pits with water to make sure all embers are put out. This lack of attention to making sure all embers are dead is a major cause of forest fires. Many thousands of acres of trees are burned each year because of someone’s failure to properly quench all campfires. When camping, do the right thing, save our forest by making sure that all glowing coals are flooded with water!

“Distrust and jealousy will quickly quench the warmth of a good relationship.” Negative emotions like distrust and jealousy will act as a brake and extinguish the best of relationships. Trust is a must in maintaining closeness and warmth in your best connections with friends and loved ones. If distrust or jealousy raises its ugly head it will quickly impact any positive affinity in those you are most closely connected with. Lack of trust will be one cause of coolness in your association with others. To kill a bear, shoot it. To kill a relationship, smother it with jealousy!

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“Most Democrats have a distorted view and unbelief in Constitutional freedoms.” Their belief is that the Constitution is rigid and outdated for today’s understanding of freedom. Their goal is to redefine what freedom means and pervert the purpose that our founders intended for the Constitution of the United States. That purpose was to protect individual freedoms while under the umbrella of government. Now Democrats want government rule at the expense of individual freedom. They have a belief that people cannot rightly govern themselves!


“A natural-born skeptic, Annie typically greets the latest conspiracy theory with head-shaking unbelief.” Most skeptics have a stone-faced hardness about conspiracy theories and are dependent upon physical proofs to believe what they hear. This is the mindset that seasons one’s unbelief. The primary definition of unbelief is “incredulity or skepticism especially in matters of religious faith.” The second way that unbelief is understood is “lack of religious belief.” Skeptics find it hard to believe something that requires faith and are focused on physical proofs. Unbelief is a choice one makes!


“We are living in an age of unbelief.” One of the symptoms of this age of religious unbelief is moral decay. The foundation of faith that has made our nation strong is being constantly attacked and eroded. Without a good base of belief in the soundness and wisdom of the Bible, a nation will slowly decay and become a mass of chaos which is shown by an increase in criminal activity and erosion of personal freedoms. Leaders who encourage such disintegrating forces reinforce unbelief. Don’t let unbelief destroy your freedom or dreams!


“It was Jackson’s unbelief in an impartial justice system that motivated his actions.” Lack of faith or unbelief can be the basis for a skeptical view of any goodness in life. Such a mindset can be the motivating force in one who is skeptical of any positive action that can produce good. This kind of person lacks any spiritual insight or belief in a positive goodness in the nature of man. Unbelief can be the basis for a dark and sinister life force!


“Julie became aware that unbelief was a major factor in her failed relationship with Jim.” Trust and belief are essential ingredients in most successful relationships. Good long-term relationships are built on a belief that both sides have a solid core of mutual trust. A relationship without trust is doomed to fail. It will not have a solid base upon which dependable actions can emerge that will reinforce trust. Unbelief produces a quicksand that will eventually destroy the best of relationships. Find a solution to your unbelief!

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