SQ 2 Release

New book unifies belief in God with belief in science

JR McElfresh’s ‘SpiritQuest 2’ posits a method of bringing science and religion together

PHOENIX, Arizona. – Author JR McElfresh describes his new book “SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation: Creative Words, Their Power, and Their Use” (published by Abbott Press) as “… a merging or uniting of spiritual and physical creation thoughts.”

Designed for pastors, church leaders, and those who desire to learn more about pivotal creation issues and how the universe began, “SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation” probes into the relationship between scientific knowledge and the Word of God. This study takes a journey through quarks, quantum mechanics, sound, waveforms, creation’s voice, energy, the miracles of Jesus, and a host of discoveries showing the relationship between God and the physical laws of the universe.

An excerpt from “SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation”:

“It is abnormal for the natural man to always act in the best interest of others. The heroism of a father to protect his family or a military man to protect his comrades and/or his country is normally outside the instinctive actions of one’s self-interest and survival. It is positive words (word energy) spoken to him that transform the natural man into the ‘protector’ mode instead of the ‘survivor’ mode. Positive word energy has become the motivator for dramatic change. Otherwise, the natural man maintains the ‘fire’ mode of action that James 3 outlines for us. Words then, move us to mental thoughts and concepts. Word energy is the catalyst that initiates motion.”

McElfresh’s book presents not only scientific information, but also spiritual insights. “This work simply states that there is a God,” he says. “He created this universe and everything in it. We exist by the creative, sustaining power of the Prime Mover, who is God, the Creator.”

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