9. Death: Introduction

The doctrine of death is one that used to be preached and taught in many churches of major denominations. This doctrine has now become one of the least taught or preached. Many churches consider it to be an “offensive” topic for a sermon. One important question: what one thing in Jesus’ earthly ministry that he did was so unique and mind boggling? His death, burial, and resurrection!

That answer means that this doctrine is extremely important and needs to be well understood. That will be our intent as we discuss and see what scripture has to say about this doctrine. How the Bible portrays and explains this topic is very unique as most other religions teach radically different ideas.

We will proceed by looking at the basic meaning and how this concept is used. The error of many theologians and teachers is to take a verse or scripture set out of context for what the Bible teaches on the subject. Cults and false religions take from scripture what they like and ignore all the other places that might limit or explain what the subject really means. The true meaning must be consistent with what the whole of scripture teaches on the subject. Failure to do this is what produces false doctrine and false beliefs.

This section will not answer every question about the doctrine of death, but will point out major thoughts and uses. Because of the length of the segments in this section, it will sometimes be divided into parts.

Segment One – Definition

Segment Two – Jewish History