5. Infinity

 Infinity (Charles C. Ryrie, Basic Theology, Victor Books, 1986,) p. 39.

1. Meaning. Infinity means that God has no bounds or limits. He is in no way limited by the universe nor by time-space boundaries. But it does not mean that He is somehow spread out through the universe, one part here and another there. “The infinity of God must be conceived as intensive rather than extensive. . .  “  (Berkhof, Systematic Theology, p. 59).

2. Scripture.Solomon acknowledged God’s infinity at the dedication of his temple (1 Kings 8:27), and Paul used this attribute of God to argue against the false deities of the Athenians (Acts 17:24-28).

3. Observation. Sometimes this attribute is labeled immensity. It differs from omnipresence in that it emphasizes the transcendence of God (because He is not bound by space), while omnipresence focuses on the immanence of God (because He is everywhere present).

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