How to Define Your Audience

Now that you know how important it is to define your audience when writing Kindle eBooks, you may be wondering how to accomplish this.

Start out by asking yourself the question: To whom am I writing this eBook?

To help you figure out the answer to this question, here are a few tips.

–          Tip #1 – Defining Demographics – First, you need to define the demographics of your target audience. Demographic information is very basic information, such as age, gender and household income. When planning who your audience will be, some demographic statistics you may want to consider include age, employment status, gender, marital status, income levels and whether they have children. If you’re writing an eBook on anti-aging skin care, you may want to target a female audience over the age of 40.

–          Tip #2 – Geographic Targeting – Next, figure out where your potential customers are in the world. In what country are they located? Are you only writing to people in the United States? If you want to reach a broader audience, you can keep your geographic audience pretty wide. However, if you want to write eBooks on birds in the United States, you’ll be working to reach a geographic location that is quite specific.

–          Tip #3 – Psychographic Profiling – Before writing Kindle eBooks, you also should do some psychographic profiling when trying to define a target audience. This type of profiling looks at interests, lifestyles, attitudes, personality and values. Gathering this information will help you to hone in even further on the customers you will be targeting. Characteristics like “dog owner,” “has family values,” “cost conscious,” or “enjoys working out on a regular basis” are all things that it’s important to know when determining who you should be writing to.

–          Tip #4 – Patterns of Behavior – Last, know how your audience behaves. This is referring to the patterns and behaviors of your target consumer. Do they research services and products on the web? What sites do they visit on a regular basis? Do they use social networking? Are they online shoppers? Do they clip coupons? All this behavioral information can influence their purchasing habits.

As you work to figure out the audience for your Kindle eBook, make sure you write this down. Do your research and find facts, trends and statistics. Keep track of that research.

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