Church: Introduction

In this doctrine, we will cover several important issues. Why is “church” a subject that is often misunderstood? Many believers do not understand the critical need for the “church” and how it plays into how a believer can grow and mature. We need, up front, to state the obvious: “church” is not a building. Church buildings do exist and serve a purpose, but the building is not a “church.” The “church” is a body of believers. We will later expand upon this subject.

Another subject is “what” is the purpose of the “church?” This again we will expand upon, but the “church” is that gathering where the body assembles to learn, teach, and plan ministry. Ministry is a key activity that should involve the members of the “church” body. As with any assembly, there must be leaders and proper organization.

In this Baptist doctrine, we will cover the “need” for ministry and how the “church” is to accomplish this activity. We will see how the early disciples and church members matured and grew in this new arena of activity in a sin darkened world around them. They relied heavily on two sources to guide them: 1) Jesus’ teachings and 2) their understanding of what the OT taught them. In many instances they also had to rely on how the Holy Spirit would guide them into what was right to do.

Segment One: Definition

Segment Two: Identity

Segment Three: Purpose

Segment Four: Organization