Leadership Trait: Accountability

Another desirable quality to look for in a leader is accountability. Why is accountability important? A leader must be willing to take responsibility for what he/she does. A good leader will give an account of his actions.

The dictionary defines accountability as: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. A leader that is always pointing the finger at others for failures is avoiding his own accountability. A good leader will always make sure others know what he has done and give indication of what still yet needs to be done. Any good leader knows that there are areas where he has little or no impact and try to encourage others to take responsibility in those issues.

Accountability should be on any list for leader traits. Someone who does not readily take responsibility for areas of weakness should not be on a leader candidate short-list. Failure to be accountable has been an area that is seen in many businesses and organizations demise. A strong candidate will be properly accountable.

Leader Trait: Delegation

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