A Review of Baptist Doctrines.

Doctrines will cover two general subject areas. The primary area will be Baptist doctrines. The secondary area will be about Ryrie’s 14 Categories of God’s Perfections.

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Baptist Doctrine categories:

  1. Bible  2. God  3. Christ 4. Holy Spirit  5. Man  6. Sin  7. Salvation 8. Church  9. Death 10. Future 11. Prayer 12. Angels

Post will be made on each category topic.The purpose is to acquaint Bible students and believers with the basic doctrines and beliefs of Baptist. The topics are summaries of each doctrine and are not intended to be complete and exhaustive of all that Baptist believe. The intent is to show how much Baptist Doctrine is based upon scripture and not the imagination of human beings. The intent is to give an overview of what a Baptist relies upon for what he believes and holds dear. Baptist give little credibility to the vain imaginings of intellectuals with head knowledge but no heart knowledge of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Acknowledgement is given to quotes from Advanced Bible Study Series by David Cloud and Baptist Studies and Doctrine by Pastor Anthony Garissi.

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JR McElfresh