Chapter 6

RE: Statement in Chapter 6, page 51 of SQ2.Chapter title: Do six quarks make a Big Bang? 

Sub topic: “What was the Catalyst?

What was the catalyst? The catalyst must have come from something somewhere. The elements that combined to make the big bang had to come from somewhere. That “somewhere” was outside of the vacuum and nothingness of time and space (0+0=0). Time and space were void, without matter, without motion and without energy.” 

Dear Tom,

In last week’s letter, we ended with the following thought: “The pressing question then becomes how do we educate our world of today? …The need is for focused, concentrated instruction to our society.” The subject of today’s letter really opens that door. 

There is a timeless question that has plagued mankind for a long time. It is “What started everything?” In philosophy this is called the prime mover question. In religious theology, it is addressed as “Who was the creator of our world (or this universe)? Ryrie, in his book Basic Theology (p29), states the answer most concisely. We looked at that statement in letter number 4. We will look at the last statement of that quote: “Further more, self – creation has never been scientifically demonstrated and observed.” 

Only the Judeo-Christian beliefs address this with an external creation source. Other religions hint at or completely ignore the prime mover question. Even our scientific community of today skirts the issue and only hints at some sort of self-creation concept: but Ryrie’s statement still stands as self-evident. How is this issue resolved? Many learned individuals over the centuries have attempted to answer this question but none have done so with any degree of finality. Why? It is because the answer lies well beyond the realm of mankind’s scientific knowledge base. 

Let me see if I can use an example, an egg for instance, to help us understand the problem. The egg shell is the singularity in which science says our universe exists. We then are inside the yolk which represents the physical substance of the universe. If we are inside the yolk of the egg, how can we begin to know what is outside the yolk, much less what is outside the eggshell? We can’t. We can concoct all kinds of theories but how do we test them and how do we know what really exists outside the eggshell? What evidence would we collect from inside the egg shell; much less inside the egg yolk, to prove what is outside? Nothing! Anything we collect would be second hand information and very suspect. However, we have one source that can and does tell us what is outside the eggshell! What do we do with that information? We refuse to give any credibility to what that source says! Why? Because it is not scientifically provable! 

So what is the answer? If we cannot get outside the egg, then we must accept what the source that is outside the egg says! To not do so puts us as humankind in a most impossible position. Inside the egg, we are limited by time and space. Yet we expect to get answers about the outside of the egg where only timelessness exists, not time and space. Expecting to get answers about what is outside the singularity without being an outside observer or relying upon an outside observer puts us in a most impossible position. We must be both timeless and limited by time and space at the same instant. To think that humans can do both at the same time is totally illogical. Yet we have our scientific community of today telling us that the illogical is possible. It seems to me that someone somewhere is using very faulty logic! The simple answer is that we can only depend upon the outside observer who is timeless and without limitations to give us the answers we seek. How arrogant of us as humans to say that we must prove what that outside, eternal observer says is true. Until the time our human community gains the knowledge base of knowing all things from time past, time present to time future, we will not be able to answer the prime mover question with satisfactory proof. We have the answer but we can’t prove it by manmade rules so we just ignore the answer which is so evident. I’m sorry, but that sounds like stupidity to me. I guess that is why we as mankind keep on repeating the same old mistakes over and over again. When will our education be complete? Will we ever learn the truth? Without the source of eternal truth, we are doomed to repeat mistakes over and over again. How sad.

 Humbly yours, JR    Ltr6.Ch6.072911


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