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Week 1 – Gratify Wk 2 – Hypercritical Wk 3 – Negligent Wk 4 – Dissent Wk 5 – Sallow


“Socialists will deny any truth that does not gratify or further their agenda.” Many of today’s mainstream media are closet socialists. They will bend or twist a truth to fit their version of what they want to accomplish. This “win” at all costs attitude has perverted their reporting of news. They have two goals: 1) to increase readership that will attract high-paying advertisers, or 2) to increase liberal readership no matter how twisted or perverted the idea. Mainstream media no longer reports news truthfully or lets the reader decide for himself. They “massage” the news to support their agenda and gratify the reader’s lusts!


“Today we celebrate our independence in a way that allows us to gratify our sense of freedom without harming others.” We do this by celebrating with food, fun, and fireworks. As Americans we should remember that we were vassals to the British Royalty and their whims. This is the day we celebrate freedom. The meaning of “gratify” is to indulge or satisfy our sense of being pleased. The fourth of July is how we show gratitude for being free. Gratify your sense of freedom today in ways that express your pleasure without being harmful to others!


“The jury’s guilty verdict would gratify the victim’s relatives.” This act would seem to satisfy what the victim’s relatives want. Perhaps we need to look at some synonyms for gratify to help us understand its meaning. Indulge, humor, and cater to are some similar thoughts that express the meaning of gratify. This word has been with us since the middle of the 15th century and comes from a French expression. It does help when victim’s relatives’ needs are gratified!


“Some say that “we were not put on this Earth to gratify ourselves.” There are many responses to the foregoing statement. The hedonist would say that is the only reason we were put on earth. The Bible believer would say that we were put on this earth to work to work and please God. There are many more responses; such as the Socialist would say we are put on this earth to please the government. Whatever your response, it is an individual belief and each will act upon what he or she believes to be true. However, for those who only gratify themselves, it usually ends up being a destructive end result. Be careful of just doing things to gratify yourself!


“He was gratified when his wife wore the jewels he had given her.” A common expression of love in a relationship is gift giving. It is one way of expressing a strong emotion for another. Gifts can be something other than a physical item. Giving support to another for an activity that they are doing is another ‘gift’ that can be given. Whatever the form of the gift, it expresses to another a special form of emotional connection. Show that you are gratified when that someone special gives you a gift!

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“Today’s liberal media is hypercritical of President Donald Trump.” There are no limits for the liberal media today. Many times they will focus on the negative news surrounding the president despite the facts. They are so slant-eyed mean that they will twist facts about an event just to put Trump in a bad light despite the obvious facts. To criticize the eating habits of Trump while ignoring significant events with positive meaning is being hypercritical to an extreme. No other president in history has been subjected to such hypercritical coverage!


“The school board was hypercritical of the school’s principal because of his religious values.” Our word this week, ‘hypercritical,’ is easy to understand as it means “to be meticulously or excessively critical.” Within this word is the sense of being an unreasonable judge with unreasonably strict standards. The focus is outward towards others and how they do not meet certain criteria which may well be unreasonable. Those who judge others in this way seldom look within at their own faults and weaknesses. Refrain from being hypercritical of others as it may well backfire on you!


“As owner of the company, he was hypercritical of any inferior work that was done.” The idea in this thought is one of micro-management. Many small companies’s eventually fail because of this kind of hypercritical oversight. It is common to have standardized procedures for most operating processes and to examine end products through quality control. This sets what is acceptable and unacceptable for workers and is managed through supervisors. Seldom should top level management be “hands on” with day-to-day operations. Hypercritical oversight by owners tends to create an environment of paranoia!


“As an actor he always tried to give his best performance on stage before hundreds of hypercritical eyes.” The challenge to perform our best is always with us when we are before the public. Theater critics are always the greatest challenge for any stage performer. Most theater critics think their job is to be hypercritical and negative about anyone in the acting profession. Giving a balance and truthful assessment of any theater production seems to be out of the realm of possibility for most critics. They see their job as negative beacons for all the mistakes that are made by the acting profession. They seem to have only hypercritical negative eyes with which to view most performances!


“Hypercritical disparagement in a relationship is a very destructive element.” This type of response to another in a relationship is very negative feedback. If the relationship is weak, hypercritical disparagement could be the factor that ends the association. If the relationship is strong, it could cause distress. Hypercritical disparagement is a nasty response to the actions of another. It seldom has positive value. Avoid using hypercritical disparagement in your relationships!

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“The rumor was started by a negligent worker on the President’s staff.” The immoral action of today’s mainstream media has lead to “fake news.” They will take any scrap of information and pervert it into a negative story about the Trump presidency. They are so focused upon bringing down the present administration, that they will invent stories with a negative impact. Truth no longer has relevance. They will do anything to promote the liberal agenda of destroying traditional moral codes. American citizens are negligent in allowing this agenda to destroy our Nation!


“The fire was started by a negligent smoker.” Careless attention to warnings and failure to obey reasonable signs are the cause of many accidents. Some people have an attitude of disobedience and will not heed good advice. They are constantly involved in circumstances that cost human lives and destruction of property. Disdain for the law is one of the causes of destruction. People like this have a rebellious attitude and are destructive in their actions. They are selfish, self-centered people that focus only on what they want no matter the cost to other human beings. They are constantly negligent because of a disobedient attitude and life style!


“Many drivers are negligent in their understanding of traffic regulations and how to apply them.” When they are stopped by a policeman for a traffic violation, they wonder what they have done wrong. You get stopped because you violated a traffic regulation. Ignorance of traffic regulations is not a defense for not properly applying or obeying traffic regulations. Knowing the law and deliberately disobeying it is a crime and you should be stopped and ticketed. Do not be negligent in your understanding of traffic laws!


“His mission failed because of his negligent attention to detail.” As we see here, attention to detail is important. When we are negligent with details, it can have a negative impact on what we want to accomplish. Details are important and we need to cover the details as completely as possible. Failure to succeed can sometimes be attributed to some small detail that was overlooked. Don’t fail because of your lack of attention to detail!


“It bothered him because he felt he had been negligent toward those most near and dear.” Being negligent in relationships is one way to show a careless attitude toward those who are closest to you. Good relationships require a certain amount of attention and care. Failure in this will tend to tend to give the impression of careless neglect. The closer the association, the more attention it should be given. Make it a priority to show those most near and dear that you do care. Do not be negligent with your attention for them!

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“Questions and dissent are part of how our nation works.” Dialog and discussion on specific issues is how we come to a satisfactory compromise that most can live with. However, the question facing our nation today is when does dissent become disruptive and destructive? History gives us an answer to this. Revolts, uprisings, and revolution come when there is little or no dialog about the central issue. The result is chaos and it is usually destructive. Irresolvable dissent taken to an extreme is always deadly and destructive!


“After much discussion and dissent, they voted and it was settled.” Bring up any subject, and there will be those who dissent. The primary meaning of dissent is to withhold assent or approval. A second meaning is to differ in opinion. As long as there are human beings on this earth, there will be differences of opinion. Differences of opinion are good except when they are carried to extremes. An extreme is when physical action is initiated to put one opinion as the only acceptable opinion. Violence is never justified to prove a point. Differences of opinion should always be settled peacefully. Majority votes should always settle any dissenting opinions!


“At the very least, lack of discussion sows the seeds of dissent.” Discussion opens up the possibility of various reasons why something should or should not be done. Decisions made without proper dialog are dictatorial and will always open the door for dissenters. No matter what the subject, there will always be opposing opinions even when they are wrong. People have the right to make choices and have opinions. Minority opinions are many times an indicator of a line of thinking that is different and can bring dissention. If not properly dealt with they can boil over and cause trouble. Discussion can many times head off the planting of seeds of dissent!


“The Supreme Court, with two justices dissenting, ruled that the law was constitutional.” Even in our court system, there is seldom total agreement on what something means. When a subject is examined, there are often opposing viewpoints. In a fair and balanced system, both sides need to be examined and a consensus viewpoint determined and dissenting voices are allowed to express their views. When dissent gets irrational and demands its way despite what the majority wants that it becomes dangerous. Unchecked dissent can bring chaos. How our court system handles dissent should be the guideline voters follow!


“She was surprised to hear Tom dissent.” It is this kind of surprise that can add stress to a relationship. These two either do not know each other very well or they do not have good communication. Differences of opinion are normal, but between close friends they should be discussed and understood. Such differences of opinion can become a stress point that if not resolved can put an end to the relationship. Be very careful of misunderstandings in dissenting opinions!

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“He used a special kind of sallow willow tree to produce his charcoal fuel.” This week’s word is ‘sallow’ and it is a type of European willow tree commonly used as a source for charcoal and tanbark. In Malawi Africa, this type of tree is used to produce charcoal and is an important source of fuel for the nationals. In Europe this tree, the sallow willow, is still used today to produce charcoal!


“The nurse said that the  man’s skin was sallow and beaded with sweat.” This week’s word ‘sallow’ is both a noun and an adjective. Its first definition (a noun) is “a type of European willow tree often used for charcoal and tanbark.” Its second definition (an adjective) is “of a grayish greenish yellow color.” This second definition is often associated with a medical condition or illness. A variant on this second definition is “slightly yellow in a way that does not look healthy.” A sallow complexion is not a healthy condition!


“Tears streamed down her sallow cheeks.” This phrase and its use of ‘sallow’ is definitely not positive. It evokes the sense of ‘not being well.’ Interestingly in its origin (before 12th century) this word was not associated with being sickly. But, in its use over the years, it has by its color meaning, become associated with sickness. It is thought to have its source from old German or Russian root words meaning grayish yellow coloring. It has evolved over the years into an often used medical term that means ‘unhealthy’ skin color. Do all you can to prevent having sallow cheeks and skin!


“He was still a bit sallow after a week spent in bed with the flu.” Illnesses such as the flu and other infections can cause serious health problems. Skin coloring can be an indicator of failing health or serious sickness. Pay attention when someone says that you are pale or have an unhealthy skin color. At least be safe and have a doctor check you out to see if you have an infection or your body is under stress. Be careful if you have been not feeling good for several days. Don’t let a ‘sallow’ condition cause you serious problems!


“His wife was a sickly, thin and sallow woman with brilliant blue eyes.” When two people love each other health may not be a dominating factor. Sometimes it draws a couple together. At other times, it can become a wedge that separates. Physical factors are important in relationships, but how important depends upon the couple and how they view the importance of the physical condition. Bad health that lingers can have a negative impact on the relationship. It takes two strong willed and loving people to overcome a negative condition like bad health!

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