Chapter 10

RE: Statement in Chapter 10, Page 84-5 of SQ2. Chapter title: God’s Word or Man’s Word?

            It is our very “finiteness” that puts us in an impossible situation. Because we are ‘finite’ (or limited in existence) that is the core of our problem. We cannot ignore any source of information! It is not a matter of whether we can prove or disprove the source, it is a matter that the possibility exists that makes it something that we cannot ignore. Until that possibility is forever removed as irrelevant, we must allow room for that information source and give it proper weight and gravity in all that we do.

Dear Tom,

            Have you ever been in an impossible situation? Yes, it is a rhetorical question. As human beings, we think that we have been in impossible situations; but, how do we know? Do we have access to the totality of all knowledge? Without Jesus Christ, the most common answer would have to be no.

            This is the arena of knowledge that science ignores and refuses to give it any credibility. Science does not have access to all knowledge, but they act upon the premise they can and someday will know all. How do they come up with such blind alley thinking? This kind of thinking has been man’s nemesis and leads us to faulty conclusions. As long as the possibility of a source of knowledge exists, science cannot ignore it. Yet, the scientific community does this all the time!

            If you ask them why, they will say because we make the rules. How arrogant! If they do not know all that exists as knowledge how can they say they make the rules? In spite of this, they operate as if they know all. In my opinion, it is a dangerous way to function when building immense systems of data upon which to influence the daily activities of mankind.

            The danger is what lurks out there that completely contradicts all of your data systems? It is as yet unknown to humankind, but exists beyond our cognitive or rational abilities to access. In many ways, we as humans are prejudiced because we think that we have or can have all the answers to everything we desire just because we are intelligent creatures. Indeed, are we really intelligent?

            How intelligent is it to ignore an information source that: a) claims to have been around forever, b) claims to have access to all knowledge, c) to have no beginning or end, d) to be the eternal source of truth, e) is able to create anything needed when and if it is needed, f) is the source of all life and g) knows all that we do as humans and when we do it! Is there something here that I do not understand? Why does science claim to have all the answers when it so obvious that they don’t, and when you ask them to respond to this, their answer is, yeah, we make the rules! Did I miss something about threescore and ten?

            All I can say, my brother, is that I must be dim-witted and stupid. Is our science community of today driving us into the proverbial corner without really knowing it? 

Your completely loony friend, JR   Ltr10.ch10.082611

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