Leadership Trait: Create & Encourage

Another set of traits that should be in a high quality leader is to be creative and encourage innovation. These characteristics have similar meanings, but differ in specifics. These are good traits for a good leader, but how do they flesh out?

A creative leader has or shows an ability to make new things or come up with new ideas. What do creative leaders do? They rattle cages. They move fast. They listen to intuition. Such leaders do not always do what is expected of them.

An innovative leader, like the creative, is action oriented. This leader is emotionally stable, is open to subordinates, has low anxiety, and confidence. He also has expertise in his domain. These traits set him apart from the herd.

Either or both of these qualities will set this candidate apart. He or she usually is all business. Achievement is in the blood of this leader. Seldom will you see this leader type flake out on overload.

Leader Trait Summary

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