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“It is nothing but downside for Democrats.” Ps 40:4. Blessed is that man that makes the Lord his trust, and respects not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies. It is nothing short of amazing that Democrats have resorted to all kinds of fake news and misdirection to belittle and attack the reputation of our President. The office of President of the United States no longer has any respect from Democrats. They will stop at nothing to remove Donald Trump as POTUS. They care not that our nation may be destroyed by their agenda. All they want is to remove anyone who would want to keep America strong and morally sound. That agenda is the downside for anything that Democrats want to do!


“Don’t get all upset over nothing.” Surely someone has said this to you! OK What does it mean? First definition is “not anything.” In other words, it leaves nothing to the imagination. Second definition is “one of no interest, value, or consequence.” We often think of nothing as someone or some ‘thing’ that has no value or importance. It can exist but without value or recognition. Therefore, the advice is not to get upset because it has no value or interest and we should not waste time or effort on it!


“Your opinion means nothing to me.” At one time or another, we have heard these hurtful words from someone. It is a statement from a very self-centered and insensitive person. Opinions of others should have some kind of meaning for us in trying to understand the person giving the opinion. Whether we let that opinion affect us or not is another matter, but we should not let the opinions of others be our only motivating force. The value of someone’s opinion should be heeded if it aligns with our beliefs and gives additional wisdom to how we can achieve our goals. If someone’s opinion means nothing then why was it given!


“You have nothing to worry about.” This is a reassuring statement we like to hear when we are trying to do something new and different. Sometimes we think – can we take this literally or is there some hidden meaning. Much of how we take this will depend upon who is saying it. If it is a close friend or family member we will more confidence than if it comes from some stranger we do not know. There are many new things we must approach with caution because if it involves a ‘learning curve’ that may take some time and learning how to avoid any errors. Having a good experienced hand to guide you is very helpful. Leaning on another’s experience and help is a very good way to have nothing to worry about!


“She knew nothing of his plans.” Hiding secrets from another in a relationship is the quickest way to inject problems between two people. A good relationship is based upon mutual trust. To hide secrets is not an act of trust. If something you do or think is difficult for you to share, it may be wise to share it and then move on. Lack of trust has been the factor that has ended many a good relationship. Keep nothing hidden from your partner!

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“The slow drift of the Democratic Party from rational progress to irrational ‘anything goes’ ideology became very apparent in the last election.” This drift of the Democrats is taking our nation into a dark and depressing future. As a free nation, we will not exist after the Democrats win their next election. The U.S. will become a place of criminals and drug addicts under the domination of a dictatorial government. “Progress” for liberals is about living without laws under a government that pays its subjects to keep their rulers in power. The slow drift of irrational ideology will take us into oblivion!


“The slow drift of the clouds to the east was a pleasing sight.” Our word this week (drift) can be used both as a verb or a noun. The primary noun meaning is “the act of driving something along,” As a verb “to become driven or carried along” shows the motion or action of drift. Also as a verb it means “to cause to be driven in a current.” These are just a few of the fifteen or twenty various meanings and uses of ‘drift.’ To most of us snowdrifts and driftwood are what we often picture with this word. How often would we associate ‘drift’ with a grouping of similar flowers planted in an elongated mass? That is one of the lesser used definitions of drift. Do not, however, let your life drift without meaning!


“The conversation drifted from topic to topic.” Conversation drift seems to happen quite often. When groups of people get together, women will normally talk about their children and families. The guys will talk about their favorite sports team or their work. Young children will talk about their favorite toy or activity and teens will talk about other teens and what they are doing or not doing. Seldom do we see conversation drift have any organization or deep meaning except when it gets into religion or politics. To keep peace, it is better to avoid these topics and use care in where you let your conversation drift!


“Drifting snow covered most of the car.” We see this kind of weather less frequently now than we used to see 70 or 80 years ago. Weather occurs in cycles. Some cycles are over two or three hundred years and go from harsh weather to mild weather. It seems that shorter cycles also occur but with less extremes of weather. Climate change is a very controversial subject and it has no definitive results that scientist can really agree upon. Time is a factor and trying to predict the future is difficult at best. Be careful of snow drifts!


“My thoughts drifted back to the time when we first met.” For many of us, this is something we do from time to time. Reflection about close relationships is always a good thing. Happy memories about loved ones are something we can carry with us. Relationships require effort and action to keep them alive and growing. We need to keep thinking and doing things that keep the sparkle and twinkle ongoing. Never feel guilty about letting your mind drift back to the good times!

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“The origin of democratic ideology is obscure but most probably starting with the Greeks.” It seems that the Democratic ideology of today is to take liberal thought and freedoms to an extreme. The ultimate end-game of this kind of thinking is that each person has the right and power to decide his own future without interference from anyone including government. The assumption is that any human being has within himself the sense of perfect action without the guiding of another. This basic assumption is false as no human being has or will ever have the mind to make perfect decisions without error. This idea and thinking is obscure at best!


“They accused the company of trying to obscure the fact that the product poses a health risk.” A deliberate cover-up of a serious health risk is against the law. Trying to obscure such a fact compounds a problem. In the above example sentence, obscure is used as an adjective. It means to shroud in secrecy or hide in darkness information that should be known. Obscure is also a verb and means to conceal or hide by covering. The manner in which ‘obscure’ is used will determine if it is a verb or adjective. No matter its use, obscure is meant to keep anything in darkness or secrecy. Negative information is normally minimized to keep it obscure and secret!


“The origins of the Chaldean language are obscure.” This language is from the Old Testament time of the Israelite captivity. The origin of this language is shrouded in mystery and fable. The exact beginning of this Babylonian dialect is obscured because of the lack of evidence as to how it began and became the spoken language of the Babylonians. Certain tongues evolve from a spoken word into a written word with symbols of word meanings. Without physical evidence of when the dialect became a written language from just its verbal beginnings is difficult to determine and this makes its origin obscure!


“My good friend lives in a remote, secluded, and obscure village in southern Colorado.” In this example sentence we see a couple of adjectives that precede obscure. The sense of how ‘obscure’ is used here is to emphasize how hidden and out of the way this place is. It is evident that few people know of it and most only do so because they know someone that lives there. Location wise, this village is relatively unknown. If you want to ‘hide’ from someone or something, it might be the place to live in obscurity!


“She sat in a dark, lonely room and chose to live in obscurity after her breakdown.” Relationships are an important of our daily living. To choose obscurity and shun all relationships is an unbalanced approach to life’s disappointments. After a tragedy, it is best to force oneself to go out and meet people. To live a lonely life of obscurity is a waste of one’s intellect and gifts. Choose instead to face life and its challenges with determination. Decide to break the monotony of obscurity!

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“Relay races are an integral part of the Olympics.” Any relay race is dependent upon each member of the relay team doing his part flawlessly. This concept works for relay races, but seldom works in politics. It is evident from the last U.S. election that political parties are not flawless relay teams. Both parties had flawed messages for the electorate. The Republicans won by the narrowest of margins. Within both parties, the ‘relay’ of information is anything but flawless. Relay races are won by teams that have great skill and a flawless passing of the baton. Both political parties could learn a lot from great relay races like they do it in the Olympics!


“Please relay this message to the others.” The noun form of ‘relay’ is “the act of passing along something, such as a message or an object, by stages.” This is the most common use of relay. Good examples are relay races with a passing of a baton, or a basketball game with the passing of a ball from one player to another. Relay is also “an electromagnetic device for remote or automatic control that is actuated by variation in conditions of an electric circuit and that operates in turn other devices in the same or a different circuit.” Whether it is an electrical device or an action of passing something along, it is to do something in stages. Teamwork is important to make the relay work!


“They worked in relays to clear the rubble.” This is a technique often used in less well-to-do areas around the world. These areas usually have a large resource of bodies that are available to do work in disaster areas. In time the heavy equipment will be brought in and used, but until that happens the available workforce is used to do what can be done to clear the debris.  This is teamwork at its most useful form. Anything that can be moved by hand and rudimentary tools is put to work using the power of the human body to do what can be done. We should be ready to work in relays to accomplish the needed goals!


“A satellite relay of a television signal enables us to have global communications.” This ability to relay TV signals enhances and speeds our ability to communicate with others half-way around the world. Information is processed and passed on to others in faraway places within seconds or minutes. Never have human beings had such rapid access to information around the world. Modern electronics and mechanical devices have given us almost timeless access to information. This rapid transfer of information creates problems as well as solves others. Small mechanical relay devices help us to do this!


“Please relay this message to my wife: I love her very much!” It is important in any relationship to pass on information, especially intimate expressions of feelings. Many relationships have withered and died because one or another in the relationship has a problem with expressing intimate feelings. Many men are guilty of this weakness and hold in their feelings. They do not realize that a woman needs love and reassurance. It is how they are made and such intimate expressions are precious to girls. Men, get in the habit of letting your wife or girlfriend know that you care for them!

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