Leadership Trait: Decision Maker

Another trait that is also high on my personal list is the ability for a leader to be a good decision maker. Whether politics, church, or business being able to make good decisions and in a timely manner is very desirable. Slow and uncertain decisions makers can create an environment of instability. An unstable air about an organization increases the tendency for rumor and discontent to be a problem.

Another negative for an environment of instability is that it is inefficient and increases operating costs for an organization. Lack of efficiency and costs increases add unneeded expenses to the operating budget. Increased costs and instability are detrimental to the operation of any organization. Indecisive leadership can be the core issue that endangers the organizations health.

A good decision maker will have his core advisory group to give needed input. Timely decision making will help any organization run more smoothly. This character trait of a leader should be high on any list of candidates for positions of authority. Failure in this area can put an organization into a destructive nosedive. Always include decision making abilities when choosing a leader.

Leader Trait: Accountability

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