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Week 1- outlook Week 2- hyperbole Week 3- laud Week4- paramount Week 5- deprecate


“Through some perfect storm of wars, downturns, and disasters, the once-sunny outlook for our United States has turned dark.” Our country used to be the world’s policeman. That is changing. Obama thought of the U.S. as a big bully, not as a defender of freedom. If the U.S. is not the world’s policeman, then who is? The U.N. has become a mouthpiece for Socialism and protector of dictators. That leaves a big vacuum for the protection of individual rights. Socialism promotes the rule of a few over the majority and it promotes the idea that individuals cannot make good decisions so the state must dictate to the masses what is right and good. When the definition of ‘right and good’ is perverted into what is the ‘common good’ by immoral puppets of socialist propaganda, individual rights go to ‘pot’ literally. Socialism says “drug the masses and they become puppets.” The future outlook for the U.S. is dark indeed!


“President Trump says that the outlook for jobs in the U.S. is improving.” The number of new jobs created is on the increase. Trump is doing his best to keep that campaign promise. In our example sentence, we see ‘outlook’ used in one of its common meanings as in “the prospect for the future.” Several other meanings are: 1) a place offering a view or a view from a particular place, 2) one’s point of view as a positive outlook on life, 3) the act of looking out. The first meaning in the list is probably the most often used way that outlook is defined and the second is the next usage we see. It is better if we have a ‘positive’ outlook on life!


“Arizona has many scenic outlooks along its highways.” In this example, we see the first meaning of ‘outlook’ used as in “a view from a particular place.” Interstate mountain passes and state highways at various spots will have areas where you can stop and view miles and miles of mountains, forest, and valleys. Oak creek canyon, Grand Canyon, or Salt River Canyon all have scenic outlooks at spots where the views are awesome and breathtaking. It is places like this that make Arizona the attractive vacation spot for many travelers. The magazine, Arizona Highways, is well worth buying to find many of these scenic areas. Visit Arizona for its scenic outlooks!


“What they knew was that his military service in Desert Storm had skewed his outlook on the world.” The harshness of war has a way of changing those who are immersed in it. The saying “Man’s inhumanity to man” has a way of upsetting people’s assumptions about what is right and wrong. Some people groups around the world have social customs that are based on strange beliefs that differ from most of the majority nations. Such differences will be the contributing factors in how a particular people group conducts war with its enemies. If they believe that their enemies are inferior to themselves, they then reason they need to be destroyed without mercy and without emotion. This kind of thinking will produce actions that most people consider twisted and skew one’s life outlook!


“Despite their differences in outlook, they got along together very well.” We are reminded in many ways that we, as humans, are each unique and different. Because this is so, we need to make a special effort to promote working together with spouses, siblings, and close friends. One way to do this is to make and share common goals with the intent to produce positive results. Sometimes this means we need to compromise where we can without defeating our core values. Make the extra effort to get along together!

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“Four decades later Democrats are all blabbermouths shouting to be heard, and most are adrift on a sea of hyperbole and rioting.” This is where many Democrats are today. They resort to exaggeration and negative actions that tear down and destroy. Their negative hyperbole is what our President calls “fake” news. They take anything that Trump or Republicans say, distort it and exaggerate the results. These days positive actions and results among Democratic leadership is almost nonexistent. Their use of negative hyperbole is very detrimental to our nation and its safety!


“I am so hungry I could eat a horse.” This is a classic example of hyperbole. It is an extravagant exaggeration. Who could really eat a whole horse? Or, more to the point, who would eat horsemeat? These questions are what make the statement a real hyperbole. The main definition of hyperbole is language that describes something as better as or worse than it really is. “To eat a horse” is an impossible state extreme of hunger!


“She is as thin as a toothpick.” Twiggy was a lady in times past that was described this way with hyperbole. She was thin and undernourished but highly energetic. She was a British singer and model that appealed to the youngsters of the sixties. She became the world’s first supermodel and performed on stage and in films that were seen around the world. She became friends with many well known celebrities and became an animal rights activist. Even today, in her sixties, she is considered thin!


“If I can’t get a Smartphone, I will die.”If you don’t have enough food and water, you might die, but a Smartphone? This statement is hyperbole at its finest. It is such an extravagant exaggeration to think that someone would prefer to die rather than be without this item. It is obvious that with enough money, you can buy just about anything. What would stop you from just going to the store and buying one!


“She fixed him enough food to feed a whole army.” To say that this is an overstatement does not do it credit. It is irrational because one person could not consume that much food. It does say something about the lady who fixed it. She wanted to make sure her man had enough to eat. She probably was told when she was young that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. Not bad, but not really enough on which to build a solid relationship. Relationships are many faceted like fine jewels. Paying attention to the many things that make a good relationship will do as much as giving him enough to eat. Understanding and loving care are just as important as filling his stomach with food!

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“John Wayne was an actor who in his lifetime received all the laud and honor that Hollywood could bestow.” He was in a class by himself. “The Duke” was seen in many types of movies, but was probably best remembered for Westerns that he played in. In his early years, he was in several war films about WWII like the Flying Leathernecks and Sands of Iwo Jima. However, he was the classic western cowboy in many movies like Big Jake, Rio Bravo and McLintock. Marion Robert Morrison (aka. John Wayne) will long be remembered as the icon of Western Movies!


“Many critics have lauded the best-selling author’s newest novel.” In this example sentence, laud is used in the past tense as a verb. It can be used both as a noun and a verb. The primary definition is “praise or acclaim” in noun form. In the verb form, it is to praise or give acclaim for what someone has accomplished. Credit, distinction, honor, and glory are some synonyms with similar meanings. Used in many cases to point out someone’s outstanding accomplishments!


“My guess is they will not laud the Supreme Court’s decisions.” With the appointment of Gorsuch, the Supreme Court will once again lean in the direction of upholding of our constitution as the founding fathers intended. Because of this inclination, the media and liberals will not approve of the decisions that will come down from the Supreme Court. Especially those who want to change this nation from its reliance upon the founders’ intention to have a country where all men are free and limited only by what the constitution lays down as law. The liberals want the constitution abolished or at least perverted to change our freedoms into the “politically correct” ideology of socialism. They want the Supreme Court to make decisions that laud socialism and its narrow-minded ideas of freedom!


“The Anglican hymn ‘All glory, laud and honor to Thee’ was translated from French into English by John Mason Neale in the mid eighteen hundreds.” The first known use of ‘laud’ was in the 14th century. It came from a Medieval Latin word meaning to praise. Acclaim, credit, and distinction are some synonyms that help us to better understand its meaning. Originally used in a religious context, it is now widely used to extol significant accomplishments. We need to laud those who are especially gifted!


“We laud the relationship of any couple who has been married for more than thirty years.” Any good relationship always has an ability to survive the ups and downs of life. Bad times will come but it is during those times of stress that couples learn what to do and how to survive. It takes learning to live with incidental things that have little value and focus upon what is really important for the long haul. Giving time and energy to those values that make a relationship strong is one of the hardest things we need to learn. Find those things that make your marriage strong and it will last!

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“The voter’s happiness was of paramount importance to candidate Trump.” The dismal lack of good jobs, political insensitivity, and an economy mired in little or no growth were the things that many voters were unhappy about. Trump picked up on these subjects and made them an integral part of his campaign. Making the voters happy by bringing solutions to these subjects is what put him over the top. His presidency will be graded on how well he brings solutions to these same problems. He must make them paramount on his agenda as President!


“Staying on schedule is paramount to ensure confidence in the company system.” Paramount can be used both as an adjective and a noun. However, it seems to be used more as an adjective form rather than as a noun. As an adjective, it means “superior to all others.” Yesterday’s commentary is a good example of the adjective use and meaning. As a noun, it means “a supreme ruler.” Countries with a dictator are a good example as in N. Korea. “Number one”, chief, or dominate are some synonyms like paramount. Let’s be sure we keep the company schedule paramount in what we do!


“His work on the financial survey was given paramount consideration.” In our present world, financial status has become a key indicator of the state of a person or company. A ‘financial survey’ is a product of research to see the well being of any entity, be it a person or a company. A marketing tool is to grade a company on how financial solid it is on a scale such as ABC or 1 to 9 etc. The higher the grade, the more financially secure the company is. There is also a list of individuals and their financial rank over a certain dollar amount (i.e. millionaire’s list). Therefore, financial status can be given paramount importance and the survey is the result!


“Health and safety are paramount in stage productions to protect cast, crew and investors.” Theater productions will, at times, put actors at risk to produce a dramatic scene. It takes a lot of research to find the safest way to produce a theatrical effect that makes a show memorable. Rigorous attention to safety standards helps to insure that cast members are protected. One unforeseen event can bring disaster to a theater production and that is why health and safety are paramount!


“Her happiness is of paramount importance.” To you guys out there, pay attention! If you want happiness in your relationship with your wife, girlfriend, etc., today’s post will be good advice. When “she” is not happy, it colors all that she says and does. Keep peace in your relationships by paying attention to this advice. Things really work better when she is happy. Your day will go much smoother if you pay attention to her needs. Make her “happiness” of paramount importance!

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“The liberal political critics tried to outdo one another in deprecating the Republican candidate as the least likely person to win.” The liberal media has chosen to belittle, minimize, or trash-talk anything they can to show disapproval of conservative values. This approach shows their lack of any appreciation of the values that have made our country the great nation it has been. They will throw out the old, whether good or bad, in favor of values that are known to cause breakdown in moral character. Good standards are replaced with those that are powerless to improve. Liberals deprecate such values that bring improvement!


“Media critics deprecate many TV sitcoms as childish and simpleminded.” This example truly demonstrates the meaning of this week’s word. As a verb, it means to express disapproval of something or someone. The negative bent of today’s media is to look for and put down anything that they deem unreasonable. If they can belittle or disparage what another does, that is what pushes their buttons and makes them feel like gods as they are above reproach. They like to play down or make little of conservative values that they deem to be restrictive. Media critics seldom have good comments about true and valuable moral issues!


“It deprecates reason (and it despises logic) to disparage law and morality as weapons of the ruling class.” Liberals and many minorities now use this reasoning to resist law and order. History tells us that this kind of illogical reasoning is a symptom of weakness and foretells that a society is beginning to fragment and fall apart. When sound reasoning and logic are called “weapons” it signals a change from rational thinking into irrational emotionalism. When a society sinks into emotionalism it departs from any means of control over crowd mania. Crowd mania always leads to useless and unreasonable deaths. How close is the U.S. to a replay of the bloody French Revolution?


“He is able to speak five languages, but his peers deprecate this facility of his.” (Quote from Time magazine) In this example sentence, we see deprecate used in the sense of “to play down or make little of.” It seems to be a part of human nature to demean or attach a trivial meaning to another’s outstanding ability or gift. Rarely do we see such abilities in a positive manner or appreciate their significance. It seems to be normal human nature to deprecate the unusual gifts of another rather than to compliment them!


“His nature was to deprecate any positive virtues she had.” Today’s example sentence shows us one sure way of injecting negative values into a relationship. It is hurtful to play down or express disapproval of the natural gifts of another. To deprecate another’s ability to do something well is a sure sign of insecurity and weakness. If the other person you are considering in a relationship shows signs that belittle another, be forewarned because that relationship is headed for trouble. Be careful and don’t let emotional bias downplay this negative character trait. Usually a person’s negative nature will find ways of displaying itself when least expected!

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