Chapter 9

RE: Statement in Chapter 9, Page 76 of SQ2. Chapter title: Words in the Sand 

“Now we see even a device –the tonoscope– that makes sounds and Hebrew vowels visible in sand and water. Hebrew vowels move sand? Words in this language do more than just make sounds. Its waveforms make physical substances move. I wonder, are these waveforms the movers that began the Big Bang?”

Dear Tom,

            In chapter three, there is a significant discussion about Chaos Theory. In that subsection “Words are forever,” there is a quote from Edward Lorenz about butterfly wings. Give thought to that idea. If the wings of a butterfly can become eventually the cause of a hurricane, then what kind of impact can eventually come from a few words that we speak? If we (humans) could see not only the physical but spiritual impact of our words, I think we would all prefer to be mute! We should speak only those words that elevate others in a positive manner.

            We see a device –the tonoscope– that creates for us the physical impact of spoken words (in the illustration, specifically Hebrew). .This shows us that there is a relationship between the physical energy produced by words and the end product effect. Something moves!

            Two thoughts come quickly to mind. One, if God spoke creation’s words in Hebrew, the magnitude of those spoken words were evidenced by the creation of the singularity and the entire universe inside it. Two, Chaos theory gives much emphasis to the effect of words we speak. Words are energy. That energy will become an end result. These two thoughts run along similar lines, but they also will diverge.

            God’s words of creation will produce His perfect end result. The end result of human activity will not be so perfect. Disharmony and discord are the more likely end result of human activity. Any harmony is usually the product of compromise and compromise comes with a heavy price tag. That price tag is concessions.

            Interestingly enough, concessions are always at odds with the perfect will of God. He can never compromise. He is the source of perfect truth, perfect balance and the perfect life – Heaven. As believers, we must always be wary of our words. We must weigh them according to Scripture and do the best we can to produce the end result that our Loving Lord desires. A word to the wise is sufficient.

          May the words I speak and write uplift, encourage and be a blessing to others.       

In service to the Lord Jesus, JR  Ltr9.ch9.081911 

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