Chapter 12

RE: Statement in Chapter 12, page 125 of SQ2. (under heading With Words God Created, on p 123)

In the Luke passage, [Luke 1:37] we see another facet to God’s creative abilities…

….If the above examples were isolated expressions of God’s character and abilities, we might have difficulty in drawing some wider conclusions. But they are not isolated. Throughout the Bible, both old and new, we see incident after incident of God’s creative intervention into the physical realm of this universe. Even outside of the Bible there exists story upon story of God’s power to intervene in time and space. Only those with questionable intellect would say that nothing spiritual exist. Mankind’s only problem is that he just has not found a way to prove or disprove these things….  

Dear Tom,

     You and I have seen many facets of God’s creative abilities in our own lives and experiences as have many other believers. The focal point of this chapter and indeed the whole book is God’s intervention from the spiritual into the physical realm of this world.

     What we do not have are ways to prove how He does it and how do we prove it with some evidence that science and unbelievers will accept. In philosophy this would be called proving events in the metaphysical realm by physical means. This has been a challenge for many learned people over the centuries. This book is an attempt to solve that problem and it is only by God’s wisdom and knowledge that I have any ideas of how to do it.

     In our August meeting, we talked about the formula SE=MC2 and what application it might have.  This is the area where I need help. God gave me the formula, but as yet, He has not given me specifics of how to use it.

     I think that what God intends is for us as believer’s to research events where people claim that God has intervened and analyze those events using the formula as a tool to understand them. I think that He wants to show everyone in this world that He is involved in the course of human events. Many intellectuals will not believe the existence of metaphysical (spiritual) events without being face to face with irrefutable physical evidence. I think that scepticism regarding the spiritual is one of the signs of end times. How will they have a chance to believe without seeing hard evidence?

     This is the challenge that we (today’s believers) have; to work in the world and use our faith and intelligence to prove that the spiritual (i.e. metaphysical) is real. Our Lord has not given us an easy assignment, but I think He has given us tools to work with. In our meeting with Dr. Williams, he asked some hard questions. I think that this is the direction we need to move toward to find those answers.     

     In the above passages from SQ2, I have underlined several phrases. I think that those phrases highlight the direction on which our work needs to focus. Our Lord would be pleased if we are diligent in finding the answers that many sceptics and unbelievers need to know and then understand in light of God’s Truth. We can do this if we work together to find these answers. When we do, they will have to make a choice for God or against him. The result of their choice will go with them into eternity. We must be faithful and obedient to follow Our Lord’s lead in this. It will only be accomplished with much fervent prayer, collaboration and hard work. 

Prayerfully, JR             Ltr12.ch12.090911

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