O. T. Leader Jeremiah

Another prophet that suffered greatly for speaking God’s word was Jeremiah. He was faithful to tell the Israelites and their rulers what God said would happen if they refused to hear. Jeremiah was put in prison and a filthy dungeon because of his prophecies.

He had prophesied that Babylon would invade Israel and if the captives would go without resistance, God would protect and provide for them. The Babylonians knew of his prophecies and when they conquered Israel, the Babylonians asked him to go with them. Jeremiah refused and said that he was needed to lead and encourage those who were left.

However, Jeremiah’s staying behind did not go well for him. A group of Israelites had decided to go to Egypt for protection. Jeremiah did not want to go, but they put him in chains and took him anyway. After getting to Egypt, they became annoyed with Jeremiah’s prophecies against them and they eventually killed him.

Jeremiah was God’s willing servant and true prophet. He never wavered in preaching the message that God gave him. He was always obedient and faithful to his God, Yahweh. Jeremiah was God’s faithful spokesman until the bitter end. We need to learn from his life. (Read Jeremiah 38)


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