Golden Rule

Golden Rule to Find Your Core subject

When you decide to write, you must identify your core subject. This thought must be stressed because it is a golden rule. Spend time, as much as you are comfortable with, trying to determine what your core subject is and how you can develop it. If you want readers, your core subject must fill a need that your readers have. 

For most writers, your core subject will come out of what you are familiar with. For women, subjects that revolve around their lifestyle or profession are common. For men, those things that they do or have a passion for, like sports or hobbies are subject areas. Whatever you decide is your passion and core area to write about, that is where you need to start. 

We will talk about a few things you will need to do once you decide on an area. It will be a bucket list, that is it will not be all inclusive, but a place to start.

  • Research articles that have been  written on your subject
  • Research books that cover your core area
  • Start with internet searches for books and articles
  • Go to the library and use the card catalog
  • How many similar topics can you find
  • Find several writer’s market guides
  • Check topical listings in each guide
  • What topics are of special interest to publishers and editors
  • Review online and news media sources for similar topics

As you do your research look for what is not covered in your subject area. This could give you clues to areas within your subject that have not been covered as well. Look for those new and unique angles to write and present. Remember, writing is a process.

The one thing that will get your writing noticed is when you find that fresh and unused approach to your subject. Talk to friends and family about it. Present it to your writers group to get their reactions and feedback. Begin to explore and develop what your audience will be for this subject. As you do research for your subject area, also be looking for specifics that will identify your audience.

As you work on what your core subject will be, keep two important thoughts in mind. One, how can I write effectively for the core subject audience? Also, how well does my article address the issues the audience may have? As writers, we must keep these thoughts foremost in our minds. When we write for that one person in our audience, the article will be one that attracts attention and answers questions. A well-planned subject presented to meet the needs of the reader will always accomplish what you – the writer – intended.



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