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He used a golf putter to sink a birdie shot. This week’s word “putter” is used both in the sport of golf and as an idiom for aimless or ineffective action. To putter does not give one a since of focused activity in the use of energy or motion. A child without proper guidance can wander aimlessly. Likewise, a newly retired person can face the same problem. Good wisdom does not allow us to putter without reason!


I stayed home and puttered about this last weekend. To “putter” carries with it the idea or thought that we waste or squander time without focused activity. Our first definition carries that sense with it, as in: to dawdle or fritter something away. For instance, it is to do little things without much consequence; to do small tasks as found around the house. The second definition is that of a person who putts like in golf and who uses a short, straight-faced club used in putting. A putter is not used for driving a golf ball long distances. When you play the game use the right club!


My neighbor likes to putter in her garden. This thought gives us an insight into one aspect of what putter means. One dictionary defines putter – “To occupy oneself in an aimless or ineffective manner.” That is one sign that identifies a certain kind of activity. Conversely, when a golfer uses his “putter,” he does so with a specific aim in mind: to sink the golf ball. The “golfer” is not using his time idly, but with a definite purpose in mind. Therefore, putter has both a positive and negative component. Let your actions be with purpose, not just idle puttering!


Let’s round out our playing around with our understanding of what putter means and its impact by looking at some synonyms. Dabble, dally, linger and fool around quickly come to mind. The way a person does certain activities tells us something about them. The words dawdle and loiter quickly come to mind. When we say “a person who puts” means a golfer who is making a stroke with a club to sink a put. However, when we say “a person who putters” that means the way they do some task or work. A person who putters has no focus, but a golfer who puts is very focused!


Any worthwhile relationship deserves more than aimless puttering. Like a good golfer wants to sink his putt, you need to focus your action with an important relationship. Some words of advice: “Do not dabble, loiter with or fool around with relationships in your family or closest circle of friends.” They deserve love, time and attention for those closest to you. Without this attention, your relationships could become weak, ineffective or lost. Remember, anything with value should be given special interest and ample care for it to flourish!

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On this December morn, let us reflect upon the season. In our northern hemisphere, it is late fall or early winter depending upon where you are and your distance from the equator. Conversely, south of the equator, it is late spring or early summer. However, the season is still for many one of holiday festivities. We will soon celebrate Christmas. However, let us reflect upon what began some threescore and two years ago this past Saturday. WWII began (12/7/1941). That Christmas in 1941 was not a joyous occasion. May we never have to celebrate that kind of unhappy Christmas again!


In photography, a picture can reflect a visual image in several ways. When we look at the definition of reflect, we see two distinct, but related thoughts. One is an image of something that is reflected from a surface like water or glass. Another is to ‘look back’ or think about some idea or concept that we have learned in the past. Yesterday’s thought about the attack on Pearl Harbor is a reflection on a past event. Our two primary definitions are 1) to see an image reflected from some mirror like surface, and 2) to give intense thought upon some past event or subject. Yes, we may need to use our brain to know what reflect means!


He reflected the mirror image of his twin brother. In this our example sentence, we see one way that the verb ‘reflect’ is used. The core concept that reflect gives us is that of light moving in one direction, to hit a surface, and then quickly move in a different and usually opposite direction. Whether it is the actual physical movement of light or the thinking process where our thoughts are reflected back in time, the word sense is the same. It is of something moving in one direction that suddenly reverses its course. Many of us experience some type of reflection daily. Such experiences are a sign that life is not always a straight line, but a series of ups and downs!


Your mother tongue will reflect where you learned to speak and will show in your accent. If we ask the question “What impact will reflection have?” it is necessary to analyze those things that have bearing or influence in our lives. To reflect is not a bad activity. It can become a negative influence when it dominates or colors most of our actions. When we reflect upon past events, we can become aware of how those activities have influenced our actions. We should continue to build upon events that helped us make progress and move ahead. Events that have induced us into erroneous habits or thinking should be avoided. Avoid bad habits and focus on actions that are productive!


Relationships in your life should reflect who you are as a person. Relationships are an important influence and we should understand how that is mirrored in what we do. As a mirror reflects light each of our relationships will bear upon what others see in us. How well do we understand what is reflected about our character from the influence of others around us? A reflection will produce an image that others see and that image is what they will understand about us. Your reflection is important. Make sure that what others see is correct and true!

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A busy Monday usually depicts the start of a hectic week. During our normal Christmas season, we spend much time shopping and preparing for get-togethers’ with family and friends. Such fevered running about is typically how many people spend their time before the holiday. We have this picture in our mind’s eye of what this season means but rarely do we see it fulfilled. The real picture of Christmas is one of a baby’s birth who brought us a gift we can never equal!


Most of us have heard or used the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That is literally the meaning of “depict.” Its first definition is to show someone or something in a picture, painting, or photograph. Depict is to represent by a picture. Its second definition is to describe someone or something by using words in a story. A sunset picture of the Grand Canyon full of clouds depicts its depth, vastness and beauty. With such descriptive words, we can paint a picture of a place or a person. To depict someone or something is to use word pictures to explain and understand. Cartoons depict the humor we see in life!


A couple of synonyms will help us to understand how to use depict. An image, sketch or description is included in the sense that ‘depict’ portrays. For instance, angels are usually depicted with wings. Likewise, a documentary can depict some past historical event. Also, in the drawing, an airplane was depicted as sleek, fast and streamlined. These examples illustrate how depict is used to give or explain some concept more fully. It is to give more information about some subject of importance. Depict is like putting paint on a canvas except you use words!


What does that scene depict? Knowledge impact is one of the things that ‘depict’ will do. It increases information in some way. It fills out a mental image or creates a word picture that enlarges what you know. Sometimes the impact is subtle and we find it harder to get a clear picture. Oftentimes what is depicted will be blatant, but at others it may come to us in stages. It may come like a series of painted scenes with each additional adding color and texture. Watch for hidden pictures that may be depicted!


Relationships have color and texture. What color and texture are your best associations? What about your worst? Each of us needs to make an attempt to see the inner workings of our relationship. Each relationship should depict what you cherish or favor. Beware of those that describe negative feelings and depict dark moods. We each have a mental picture that depicts what we feel about each of our relationships. We need to build on good relationships and minimize the impact of those that are dark and negative. Negatives destroy, but we need to build upon our positive, successful relationships!

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Heavenly Days! Many of us have often heard this expression used, but do we really know what it means? There is a great difference in understanding when something is used as an expression of sudden surprise and when it is used to express the awe of the creator’s handiwork. When we see the Aurora Borealis or northern lights that is an appropriate use of heavenly. A comet or shooting star is another heavenly phenomena with which we show awe. To see galaxy upon galaxy with a telescope is another visible example of the proper use of heavenly. The heavens are a delight to see!


‘Tis the season to look for heavenly joy. Our word ‘heavenly’ has two definitions. The first is celestial; which means of or relating to the heaven or its plural the heavens. Secondly, it means to suggest the blessed state of heaven as in delightful. Often we will use the expression “oh what a heavenly day” to suggest that we are delighted in how the day is progressing. Some will also use ‘heavenly’ to suggest that some occurrence or action is divine or blessed. Heavenly can be used interchangeably with several such words. At Christmas, we should be looking for that which is heavenly!


Christmas day reminds us of a truly blessed event. God’s divine plan was to begin with the babe born in a manger. On that day, He blessed shepherds in the field. He blessed the Magi when they came and He blessed Mary and Joseph telling them to go to Egypt to escape an evil ruler. This little babe in a manger blesses all of those who believe in Him! Have you received His blessings?


Celestial wonders are one way to express our understanding of heavenly. Another is to think of heavenly with the use of some synonyms like awesome, beautiful or dynamite. These expressions help us to visualize or form mental pictures of heavenly and how it is used. What we may not be able to picture is the impact that such words have upon our understanding. Heavenly imprints upon our minds an emotional state that is very positive and can put us into a very good mood. Christmas should always have a heavenly impact upon us!


Heavenly relationships do exist. Really! However, I did not say that they were common or everyday occurrences. A man does look for a woman that is an angel and the perfect mate. However, relationships are a two-way street. As humans, we all have imperfections. This is the ‘fly in the ointment’ of finding a heavenly relationship. In every relationship, there are imperfections that will rise to the surface. This is the challenge. Seeing the imperfections and learning how to live with them. There is both a quantity and quality factor to be reckoned with. However, there is one heavenly relationship that does not have any imperfections; your relationship with Jesus!

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When we think of mirrors, we also think of reflections. What kind of reflections and what do those reflections bring to our minds? As we wind down this year of 2013 and look forward to the new, will the coming year be a reflection of the past or will it bring distortion? A mirror will show us show us very clear and true pictures of what we see. However, be careful that your mirror is not flawed and giving a distorted representation!


Most of us have seen our reflection in a bathroom mirror. A mirror is simply a piece of glass that reflects images. This is the primary definition of mirror. A secondary meaning is something that shows what another thing is like in a very clear and accurate way. Photographers like to take pictures of clouds, mountains or animals that are mirrored in a lake or body of still water. One final way to define mirror is a person or object that shows an exemplary model. Look for your model person to mirror or imitate!


“Mirror, mirror on the wall.” This famous phrase from the movie Snow White sends our thinking in a new direction. It gives us a reflection of the inner self. It also gives us a symptom of today’s society. To reflect upon how one look’s to others might be a sign of inner weakness or insecurity. The clue is the intensity that one puts upon this kind of reflection. Over attention to one’s mirror image could point to a narcissistic trend in character. Attention to one’s appearance in the mirror is not a bad thing if it is not carried to an extreme!


From our definitions, we get some insight into what impact “mirror” can have upon us. From the second meaning, “something that gives a true representation” we see what the mirror can do. It shows us what we look like physically. In a mental image, we can see someone or something that projects (or mirrors) for us an exemplary model. A model is useful because we can use it to do things or make things to use in our daily life. The model we see or use will impact how we think and do things. Take care in what model you use for it will reflect your character to others!


Mirrors and relationships have a lot in common. One’s relationship with another person can reflect characteristics of both parties. Common ways of thinking about life activities are reflected in what they do. Expressions and gestures might also be a way they mirror each other. How they react to life events will also be another way that the relationship will reflect personality traits. A mirror will produce images that reflect common ways of thinking in the relationship. Attention to details we see in our relationships helps us to smooth out the rough spots!

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