2. God

Baptist Doctrine

  1. Doctrine Two: GodUnder Doctrine One, we made the following statement: “The Bible is where we find each of the doctrines in this list.” For Doctrine Two: God, we will abbreviate somewhat since we just finished the discussion on the 14 Perfections of God, by Ryrie. (See list in paragraph 2) Those discussions and Ryrie’s work on them are on the SQBooks.com website under the Ryrie’s Preface tab which is under Doctrine tab. Visit the website if you have questions. We will only do a brief survey of what doctrine two covers.

    The 14 categories are as follows:

    1. Eternity (Jan. 1 topic) 2. Freedom (Jan. 8 topic) 3. Holiness (Jan. 15 topic) 4. Immutability (Jan. 22 topic) 5. Infinity (Jan. 29 topic) 6. Love (Feb. 5 topic) 7. (Feb. 12 topic) 8. Omnipotence (Feb 19. topic) 9. Omnipresence (Feb. 26 topic) 10. Righteousness (Mar. 5 topic) 11. Simplicity (Mar. 12 topic) 12 Sovereignty (Mar. 19 topic) Truth (Mar. 26. topic) 14. Unity (Apr. 2 topic)

Doctrine Two will cover basically three topics. One: God as Creator, Two: God and His plan for His creation, Three: God’s focus. Much of what will be covered is what scriptures show plainly the points in each topic. We will see “what does scripture say” about each topic.

Topics 1, 2, 3