Book trailer video click link http://youtube.com/watch?v=8TPtzwV6ouc

         About the Press Release:

RE: The press release from Abbott Press was done because the book SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation was released from the printer today! Copies will be available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble with the next few days. The ebook version will also be available until October 10 @ $0.99 each. Once 500 are sold, the price will revert to the publisher’s price @ $2.99 each. Take advantage! Get it this low price while it is available. It is well worth a dollar! Abbott says it is crazy to sell it at this low introductory price, but they agreed to do it! FOR 500 ONLY! PS: Congressman Trent Franks was kind enough to write the foreword!

PRWeb link for SQ2: Interface with Creation To Buy Go To Amazon.com