His Work Part 1

The Person of the Holy Spirit and His Work (Part 1)

The Holy Spirit in the O.T. was specific and focused. He was the Spirit presence that would come into a prophet’s or leader’s life for a specific purpose and time. The prophets, by inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit, would be the voice of God to the Israelite Nation. There were repeated warnings against other nations because of their attacks against God’s people. The nation of Israel was warned again and again because of their lusting after idols and false gods. Because they failed to heed Yahweh’s prophets, they suffered greatly. The Holy Spirit’s work in the O.T. was limited to specific people that God called to bring His messages to the nation of Israel.

The Holy Spirit was involved in creation (Genesis 1:2; Job 33:4). The Holy Spirit inspired the prophets and writers of the O.T. Joseph was one that knew the work of the Holy Spirit (Genesis 41:38). Ezekiel (8;3) was a prophet that knew the voice of the Lord by the work of the Holy Spirit in his visions of the Temple. Micah was another that God used as a voice of judgment to the sins of Israel (Micah 3:8).

Another work of the Holy Spirit was in anointing God’s servants Psalm 51:11-12 tells us about David’s plea for God not to take away the Holy Spirit because of his sin. Isaiah issues a warning to the enemies of Israel of what God would do for their unjust acts. Samuel anoints Saul to be king, but because of his disobedience, God rejected him and told Samuel to anoint David as king to succeed him. (1 Samuel 16:13) Daniel was another chosen vessel of the Lord that the Holy Spirit gave him wisdom, prophecy, and special insight to advise the kings he served. God would choose his servants in special and unique ways. It was the work of the Holy Spirit to carry out God’s instructions.

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