Introduction to the Origin of Man

The origin of man will cover two major topic areas. The first is eight ways that the Bible contradicts the theories of evolution. The second is to answer the question: How do we know that Man is not merely an animal? This section will not answer every aspect of both subjects, but will point out major differences or reasons for the statement of Biblical truths. Because of the length of the segments in this section, it will be divided into parts.

In the first section, we will review the eight statements and how they are supported by scripture verses. A note to keep in mind about this part, the Bible is not a scientific textbook, but It gives many concepts that science has proven valid. The observations in this section are a contrast between the thoughts of man and the thoughts of God. Man bases his thoughts upon limited knowledge, but God bases His thoughts upon His knowledge of all that He has created. Man cannot create something out of nothing, but God can.

In answering the second question, we will see God’s point of view of who Man is and how he fits into the creation picture. Keep in mind that Evolution theories and modern science do not acknowledge that man has a spirit. This scriptural factor is completely ignored by modern science. Since they cannot “see” it, “know” about it, or devise a test for it, it is assumed that the spiritual side of man does not exist. This area that science and evolution completely ignore is what will ultimately bring about their undoing. Man has a “spirit” and God tells us how it makes us different. (1Th. 5:23) In this arena, modern science has no clue. What most human beings don’t know is that what you do not know can be what destroys you. Do not be clueless; learn about what really makes Man unique.

Segment One (3 Parts)

Segment Two (7 Parts)

Segment Three (1 Part)

Segment Four (2 Parts)