Simon Peter

Simon Peter is thought to be one of Jesus first disciples to be called along with his brother Andrew. Jesus gave him a new name that replaced his birth name of Simon. Peter comes from a name that means “rock” in Greek. Peter became a leader of the disciples along with James and John. These three became the most responsible leaders of the twelve that Jesus called.

Peter was the one that Jesus put the leadership responsibility on his shoulders. We see the conversation between Jesus (after his resurrection) talking with Peter and challenging Peter to “feed my sheep.” It was in this meeting that Jesus made it plain to Peter that he was to shoulder the load and be the primary leader of the disciples.

Before this meeting when Jesus was arrested, Peter had made his three-fold denial of Jesus. In this meeting after his resurrection, Jesus was making Peter aware of his leadership position by making Peter answer his three-fold request to “feed my sheep.” (John 21:15-19) It was after this that Peter knew what he was to do and to do it as Jesus commanded him. From this point on, Peter was changed. He was no longer the rash, impetuous spokesman, but knew his job and was ready to follow every command that Jesus would ask of him. Peter knew what he was to do and along with James and John would take on the impossible task that lay ahead of them. Peter was very much aware that he was to be Jesus’ under shepherd in what lay ahead for them to build “the church” that Jesus wanted. Never again would Peter question what he was to do. He gave his life to do everything he could to bring the infant church to life.

Next we will see more about James and John and what their responsibilities would be in bringing the infant church to life. We will also touch on the other disciples and what they did for “the church.” And lastly we will cover Paul’s part in this plan.

James & John

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