SpiritQuest 2

SpiritQuest 2: Interface with Creation covers some of the creation controversies and the lack of answers to key questions. The work is primarily designed for pastors, church leaders and those in the church who desire to learn more about pivotal creation issues as to how our universe began.

The key thread throughout the book is the impact and formative power of words. The singularity of the Big Bang theory cannot be explained by today’s theorist. It “just happened” is their answer. They cannot explain where it came from, how it happened when it did and how it came into being without any apparent source of matter. There is an answer. They refuse to talk about it. The answer is that God spoke and the singularity appeared. How something in the spiritual could start something in the physical is not something they will discuss. SQ2: Interface with Creation covers this in detail.

Words, the power they contain, the energy they impart and the consequences of words, both good and bad are also discussed. You will be able to enhance your people skills with creative words to foster encouraging relationships. Pastors, teachers and church leaders will learn ways to decrease conflict by learning how to use creative words to build trust and resolve disagreements. Takeaways at the end of chapters will assist your ability to focus on the dynamics of words.

Jesus Christ as “The Word” is addressed in the writings of John the Apostle. In chapter eight, a dynamic discussion of the power in Jesus’ miracles is examined with the use of modern input. In another chapter, there is also an examination of Einstein’s theory of relativity and a possible spiritual application in his work. We also look at light, the speed of light and a new understanding of how it impacts the physical.

SQ2: Interface with Creation will give you a platform to help your team or staff to revive and restore the dream that drives them to enhance, improve and boost their skill to acheive. It will help you to heighten their awareness of the power in using creative words!

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