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Week 1- Magnetize Week 2- line Week 3- noble Week 4- oppose


“Macy’s gorgeous window displays never fail to magnetize shoppers and sightseers.” The properties of ‘magnetize’ are to attract and hold. In the case of today’s example sentence, we see that the store’s display windows are attracting and holding interest. This can be applied to many different objects of interest. To captivate and fascinate are two synonyms that help us understand how we use magnetize. You do know someone who has a magnetic attraction that fascinates you! Right?


“He pushed the switch that magnetized the circuit.” In this sentence, we see the primary meaning of magnetize which is to cause something to become magnetic. To produce magnetic properties is how we normally understand “magnetize.” A secondary sense of the word is to describe an attraction between people in the sense of attracting and holding the interest of another. Someone with a charismatic personality can ‘magnetize’ the interest of a large group of people.


“Her performance magnetized the audience.” What are the signs of something being magnetized? In the case of our example sentence, it is the charm, enchantment or fascination that a person or group of people has for the one inducing the signs as is the case with the above performer. A strong attraction is one of the properties of being magnetized and can happen with a magnet or people. Be careful of who you allow to ‘enchant’ or magnetize you!


The result of something being magnetized is to create intense closeness and/or bonding. A magnet can induce a metal object to become magnetized. A charismatic speaker or leader can ‘magnetize’ those who hear him or follow him. Thus being magnetized can induce a magnetic state into metal or an audience or followers of a personality. One example quickly comes to mind and that is Jim Jones who led his followers to South America and finally to their death. To magnetize something can be good or bad depending upon the end result. Any “magnetic inducement” should be examined carefully before you allow it to impact your life!


“He was magnetized by her beauty.” A little magnetism can help any relationship, especially between a man and woman. In most relationships there is an attraction of some kind that gives energy to the association. For those who are really interested in making and keeping good relationships, there will be a motivation to find the “magnet” that brings the association together and keeps it strong. When you find it, do all you can to keep it vibrant and your relationships will bond well and be long lasting. Seek fervently what attracts you to another and help it to grow strong!

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“He drew a line in the sand and dared the rebels to step over it.” Our example sentence illustrates one way in which this week’s word—line—can be use. In this case it marks a boundary which the speaker is using to make his point, which is don’t cross it or expect a severe reaction. The intention is to exact obedience or expect swift and severe discipline. To cross a line in defiance can sometimes exact severe penalties!


“Everyone had to get in line and wait their turn.” In this use of ‘line’ it is to note a demarcation of acceptable action. This is only one of fourteen different meanings for this word. It can vary from a phone line, to a line in a song or play and it can even describe the type of action of a baseball player who hits a line drive. You can fish with a line or open a water line and even write a line of computer code. You can even cross the line to get into another county or state. Lines are everywhere so be sure you understand what they mean!


“He drew lines and inserted notes with the proper spacing to illustrate his musical ability.” To any musician, this sentence is not an unusual statement. But, for those of us who are without musical ability, it might not make sense. One of the meanings of ‘line’ is a succession of musical notes especially considered in melodic phrases. In this instance, the use of ‘line’ is very appropriate. In musical performances, lines can be spoken words or musical expressions. Lines in such instances are signs of what the performance is trying to convey. Watch your lines to make sure they accurately convey your thoughts!


“Reggie made a tennis serve that was over the fault line.” In every sport, there are many lines with many purposes. Those lines mark out limits that are set by the rules for the sport. The intent of the sport is to operate within the ‘lines’ or rules to achieve a desired end result, that is to win. Knowing the lines and their purpose is what makes a player good at the sport. When an action is out of line or violates the rules is part of a player’s expertise in knowing what actions he can or cannot do. The better a player is at getting to the line and crossing it correctly is what makes him of great value in the sport!


“The line between a good and bad relationship can sometimes be hard to determine.” Do your homework and find the principles that help you to understand what makes a good relationship and signs that warn you about a bad relationship. Failure to do this leaves your search for a good relationship up to chance. Gambling with your relationships is never a good idea and to do so assures that you will have unexpected problems and serious security issues. Security or lack of it can be a factor in how long a relationship will last. Draw the line and don’t gamble with your relationships!

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“His noble deeds and ambition have made him famous.” This statement could have been said of a number of American heroes. Especially those who have given their lives that the freedoms we enjoy might continue. In our present age, it seems that it is fashionable for anything noble to be criticized and slammed rather than admired. It is impossible for a country to progress when noble actions are demonized. History shows us that despising higher values are ultimately destructive. Do your part to help reverse disintegration by thinking noble and doing noble acts!


“She was a woman of noble birth.” This example sentence highlights the primary way in which noble is used. Its most used and well-known definition is “of, relating to, or belonging to the highest social class.” A second meaning is “having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire such as honesty, generosity or courage.” Another lesser used way in which ‘noble’ is used is to express a grand or impressive quality like the height of Sequoia trees. We should all aspire to look for and do the noble task!


“And yet, it is a noble and heroic thing, the wind! Whoever conquered it?” A flag billowing in the caress of the wind is a sure sign of a windy day. A sailboat slicing through the waves with its sails full of the wind is a majestic scene. The wind can show its might and power after a storm leaves behind its trail of wreckage. The wind has a way of showing us its impressive untamed strength. The wind’s nobility is that mankind has limited ways of taming its awesome power. The wind is a noble product of untamed nature!


“An act of valor is a noble characteristic of many who serve in our military.” Sadly, we honor them after they have given their lives to protect the freedoms we have in this country. These noble qualities of character are no longer appreciated as they once were. When acts of valor are trampled and disrespected, it shows the loss of a quality that makes a country great. More often it shows that such noble acts are no longer valued as a strength that builds up a nation to make it great. Such disrespect for those of noble character is a sure sign of national disintegration. Let us make sure we honor those who have given their lives to keep us free!


A noble mindset will drive the best relationships. What is a ‘noble mindset’ you might ask? It is to honor and respect the other person in a relationship. If you cannot do this you need to rethink your reasons for having relationships with others. Relationships that dishonor and disrespect the other party are damaged or disintegrating. There can be no good that will come from them. On the other hand, look for and cherish your ‘noble mindset’ relationships for they can last a lifetime!

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“We’re hoping we can get more voters to oppose the legislation.” Our word this week is one that has very negative value attached to it. It is somewhat like a magnet with its positive and negative poles. Oppose can suggest strong resistance to negative values. Likewise, when there are suggestions or actions that will tend to be destructive, it will resist or stop such moves. Sports are one arena in which there always be competitors who oppose each other. Winning will normally incur strong opposition!


“He met the man who will oppose him in the next election.” In this example sentence, we see oppose used in the sense of ‘to compete against someone.’ This transitive verb is used primarily “to place over against something so as to provide resistance, counterbalance, or contrast.” In that same sense, it can mean “to place opposite or against something.” It is the goal of one team in a competition to stop or defeat another. To disapprove is another sense in which oppose is used. We should all be opposed to lowering educational standards!


“The mayor opposes new city taxes.” He is resistant to imposing new taxes. That condition is a sign of economic distress in which the mayor disagrees with those who want to add additional burdens to city voters. The sign of economic distress is a condition which the mayor wants to resolve. He opposes any new and unneeded city tax that would put additional burden on taxpayers. Be smart and oppose those who would tax citizens unmercifully!


“The change to the city charter is opposed by a large group of business owners.” We see in this example resistance and opposition to a proposed change that will impact the way businesses can operate in the city. In short, the business operators see the change as a threat to how they operate as businesses. The impact of the proposed charter change would restrict their financial operations and their business profitability. This group would oppose and repel any threat that would hinder the success of their business. Honest change is good, but fraudulent change will bring disaster!


“You’ve opposed every suggestion I’ve made.” In a relationship, this response can send the union into the trash can. It is an indicator that something is drastically wrong. Such opposition in a relationship is normally very harmful. The parties in the association are going in different directions and such divergent thinking is difficult to reconcile. Some opposition may be good if it is done with grace and kindness with the intent to avoid possible harm to one another. Check your opposition at the door if it is intended to be destructive instead of constructive!

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