Leadership Trait: Delegation

A very desirable trait to see in a good leader is the ability to delegate. A leader cannot do every task for an organization. He must rely upon subordinates that he appoints (delegates) to carry out required actions. His ability to assess those around him and their skills is very important to a well run organization.

Delegation is defined as the act of empowering someone to act for another. It is a skill that is sometimes lacking in a leader. It is a hindrance to the smooth operation of an organization. A leader that is lacking in the skill of delegation shows a certain amount of distrust in subordinates. Distrust can present bottlenecks that impede how well the company runs.

When putting together a list of leader qualities it is important to put delegation skill as high as possible in the qualities desired. The leader that has a good “pointy finger” can help an organization to run smoothly when subordinates know what they are to do and when. If a leader candidate lacks this skill, he should be rated lower than one who knows the power of good delegation. Delegation is a very desirable trait for a leader.

Leader Trait: Commitment & Compassion

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