Leadership Trait: Commitment & Compassion

A “wish list” quality for a good leader is for that person to have commitment and passion. As we examine this statement, we will break it down into two sub-topics. The first is how do leaders show commitment? And we will then look at what passion in a leader looks like.

The leader with commitment will have an attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something. There are several ways we might see this in a good leader. He will be someone who wants people to work together for a common goal. He wants to help people to feel successful at what they do. A good leader will help the group to work through conflicts to achieve a goal. He will also have high principles and will hold others do likewise.

The mark of a passionate leader is to not only be a doer, but help others to be involved in your passion as a leader. In other words, the difference between being a passionate doer and a passionate leader is involving people in your passion instead of going it alone. Passion in the workplace is a positive, inspiring force. Passion is contagious; when someone exudes excitement about something, so that others around them will crave that same sort of intensity.

The good leader will find a way to meld commitment and passion together to make the group stronger. Usually it takes time and experience to see both of these qualities become synthesized in one person. This kind of leader can be an igniter of high standards and achievements.

Leader Trait: Inspiration

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